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Feb 1, 2013

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Puerto Rico

Why do Puerto Ricans Hate African-Americans?

lol. This dumbbolt disses African people and keeps alive this idea that African Americans are somehow "better" because of their white genes, yet he talks against white people in other threads. Insane. Google him....... you'll see how stupid and victim like this bolt is. He also goes around disrespecting East Africans and calling them horrid names based on their features. Then.... here he is looking for sympathy. He is crazy and deluded and lives to start trouble between groups of people. Some African Americans seem to have bought into their victim status. This is what happens when they listen to their negative leaders, all who would like to see Obama grovel. The first "African American" president is AFRICAN. This as* sits in one forum simply to talk ignorant sh*t. Probably mad cause he is ugly and lacks confidence. More than likely he lacks true friends. PRs are of African descent as are manyh Latinos. In fact, Latinos outnumber these Jesse Jackson-ish creeps who wants to cut Obama's balls off, get African Americans to use his "African American"term and run around behind Soledad O'Brien claiming she isn't "black enough". Sometimes, listening to African Americans from the US is depressing. Can't accept their dilemmas and issues. If they cannot get over the fallacious idea of "race", they will be forever running around in a circle when it comes to themselves. He can be "black, while we will be AMERICANS who are proud of their varied descent. there is no need to have such identity issues like this guy has. He's mean and nasty and says racist things to other African people. I think this is funny (what you said here). He is a schmuck who fantasizes that African Americans are actually progressing us as a whole. Keep your Jesse Jacksons and Fag-a-clowns. We are not biting. PR's and other Latino groups have many roots. If you don't like yours (whenever the mood hits you), oh well. This guy is here to try and talk falseness. This does not happen. Love that I have lots of African American friends. Do NOT appreciate these schmucks who hate their identity, their skin (and Lord knows whatever else). These types of people need their hate to be baited and stroked. When they get into some flipmode mood, suddenly they're a victim.  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #32)