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Dec 17, 2008

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Why do men expect sex on first date?

so what if a man expects sex on the first date ... all a woman has to do is say no ... and there will be no second date .. if a man is rich .. a woman will do what ever she has to ... to snag him .. that includes putin out on the first date ... if a man has no monies she wont put out .... life is so unfair .... haha  (Mar 1, 2009 | post #778)

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Ask me a trivia question

y are ndn's allergic booze. and y do they die younger than everyone else?  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #53866)

Superior, WI

Northern tribe getting federal help

im wondering what they will use the money for? hopefully they will use it 4 sum good like to fight crime n poverty.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #1)

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Mo. neo-Nazis join `Adopt-A-Highway' trash cleanup

take yor honkey azz back 2 germany u dam pink nazi....hahaha  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #20)

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alcohol is for the weak-minded.

u just dont really no da good feelings booze gives a person...if a person is feelings bad all time n wants 2 feel good n booze is da only way 4 them 2 feel good....well...dont judge. some people have mental health issues!!  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #2)