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Sep 1, 2010

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PNG school children linked to prostitution

I totlally see BULLSHIT written all over the head line! I beleive most of the people practising this stuff are just a bunch of lazy and sex addicted human beings. Don't tell me you ran out of ideas and end up with 'money for sex'??? Money is there but you can't see it because your intentions are definatly not that geniun and you are Lazy and thats facts...  (Jul 31, 2011 | post #17)

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Is homosexuality a sin?

From what I see is that no one can replace a mothers(female) love for a child.Who made you guys gods all of a sudden to take that away from a child? About the orphanages; thier were meant for couples who couldn't have children and people with true hearts. Gays won't show love to those children because I think it's all for show for them to have children. SpongBob, please don't talk about god when you don't any religion, I'am saying this because I had never heard of any "religions " approving any dealings gay acts?? God created Adam and than created Eve (male and female)and told them to reproduce,prosper and rule over the Earth. God didn't place Adam and than created another Man as Adems partner. If it would have happened so, mate you and I wouldn't be here now.. =)))  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #42071)

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Do you think older women like to be with teen boys

Doesn't swells right?? Have you tried licking or sucking on it?? Just curious.  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #918)

Perth man wanted in PNG over porn ring

@Yulia, mate just imagine if your small sister/daughter was employd as one???  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #13)

We can live without Aussie aid: PNG

How can we survive when the country's leaders are corrupt,greedy,and full of shit. We all know the country is living out from other foreign handouts. WHO'S FAULT IS IT?????  (Jun 28, 2011 | post #16)

Slain woman found in home of island nation's PM

I reckon it is a plain set up. But honestly National Alliance totally do "SUCK".. .  (Jun 28, 2011 | post #5)

Perth man wanted in PNG over porn ring

Why bother about the guy when he has already left Papua New Guinea. It would be another waste of Governments resources and time to go out looking for that culprit. It's better to arrest all those involved along side that guy, in producing the Porn videos. There must be harser penelties given to the Local school girls so others will have a second thought when things like that try to happen again.....  (Jun 28, 2011 | post #10)

PNG Soldier in Porn Video with Solomon Islander while on ...

What a big shame it's going to be to the PNG Defence force from this ones action. May have got us in the world map already???  (Jun 13, 2011 | post #1)

Somare's son faces court over corruption

Hahah...Father like son,son like father?? I forgot it goes agin???  (Jun 13, 2011 | post #3)

Somare retirement talk premature - daughter

I'd advice him(PM)to just step down and let some else do the job. "COME ON MAN"!!He has an heart problem. Let another MP take his position and let him have a peaceful death(that's if he is going to die?But his time is also nearly up too)???  (Jun 13, 2011 | post #3)

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Why do White guys call Black girls ugly

Man you talk too much "BULLSHIT "!! Go take a hike or jump in the lake somewhere... RACSIST,RACSIST,RA csist, that's what you are man.  (Jun 13, 2011 | post #1489)

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If yur a REAL and TRUE vampyre, then post here!!!

Some people just get too into stuff and get everything mixed up in the head??  (May 4, 2011 | post #266)

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Why do White guys call Black girls ugly

Maybe because their mumma left them when the were still young and the main reason is she was "BLACK".  (May 4, 2011 | post #1226)

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Black s and white chicks..

Do agree with black women are more attrective than white?  (May 4, 2011 | post #1)