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Dec 21, 2011

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All off topic chit chat thread (NO LEMONS LOL)

yes i done that yrs ago when i had an heavy breather on the line lol must have a look for that whistle .i might use it for all those damn ppi callers aswell .  (Jul 3, 2013 | post #540)

All off topic chit chat thread (NO LEMONS LOL)

he calls my house fone so his number does'nt come up s it's from a network that does'nt transmit the number as it's from gambia .  (Jul 3, 2013 | post #539)

All off topic chit chat thread (NO LEMONS LOL)

i so wish i could go to gambia right now so i go beat the crap out mohammed habib kah [my malicks cousin ]how many more yrs is this thieving no mark gonna keep calling me yr in yr out ,[10 yrs now ]new yr i got that stupid xmas card from him begging me to forgive him for running up £6000 under this address ,i sent it back to him with the comment i will never forgive him in big letters and even sent it back for him to pay the postage on it ,but no tonight lord he's called from gambia AGAIN ,i've sworn at him cussed him off in every way possible ,told him rot in hell i dont want anything to do with him ,it's of no concern to him how im doing as he asked ,and again i told him leave me alone and put the fone down ,im not going to change my number i did all that crap when i was with my kids dad when his ho bitch used to keep calling me ,im not gonna start all that again and disrupt my life through this theiving bast..d now .so i could do with a win on the lottery or something so i can get on that plane hunt his rass ass down and hang him out to rot with the fish .RANT OVER LADIES HAVE A GOOD NGT .  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #534)

All off topic chit chat thread (NO LEMONS LOL)

as i was reading this post the first thought that came to my mind was surely this would cause infections ,so thats no surprise then,what the hell do they think their doing damn idiots .  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #533)

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

thanx for the link janena i;ll take a look ,hope your ok .  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #15)

Why are British women so trashy and easy?

i have reported posts from this dick and as usual the topix do f..k all .  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #536)

Western Women & Muslim Men Video!!

that includes you then as your also always on here .as the saying goes it takes one to know one .  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #57)

Western Women & Muslim Men Video!!

if your saying im lieing about a friends marriage we knew about but as it turns out tutti was on about someone else's gambian marriage thats gone as soon as he got to the uk then ,you dont know what me and tutti know of these particular relationships .  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #48)

Why are British women so trashy and easy?

i did not take that because you think all gambian men are the same as a attack on msunel marriage at all i also told you i knew gambians here who have never asked for anything so not all gambians are bad .  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #255)

Why are British women so trashy and easy?

omg tam you approached me on the 19th may asking if id mind you contacting me if you needed advice i've still got your pm's so if anyone wants to see them thats ok for them to come and see them for themselves ,you were the one who asked about me n tutti relationship with mr prom ,so i told you that me n her was not with him at the sam time ,yes i did say i thought your n msunels relationships were similar and you did say you did'nt think that ,you asked me about my relationships with gambians ,which is on this forum anyway ,as for my cancer ask msunel that is also on this forum i had the cancer in 2003 and as i said had the treatment and now im fine ,so dont throw my illness or my past illness in my face because gal it aint gonna work ok .instead of being on here go look after your sick child as you said he to have 24 hr home care ,and i hope he is better as you said he has been in and out of hosp since he was born poor child ,i will say no matter what you want to throw at me that i cant imagine the pressure you must be with your children ,bringing up children on your own is no mean feat ,esp as you say the father has'nt even been in touch since he left ,that is disgusting if he new how ill his child is ,you asked me about if you should let his family see the baby at a later date ,to which i replied as the baby is young there is no difference at the moment but yes when the time is right you should make that decision ,and how my other kept me away from my father until i met him a lot later in my life ,so i dont hide anything tam about my life ,so dont get like lisa and twist my words ,mandinka/msunel has already stated on here you did tell her your suspicions about her marriage so dont try and say you did'nt .  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #253)

Western Women & Muslim Men Video!!

yes i do now i thought you was on about the other one lol ,as for the one your on about she deserved everything she got ,after she tried splitting my mate n her hubbie up damn bitch lol  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #38)

Western Women & Muslim Men Video!!

lord the gambian lad i used to cook for nearly died coming from work 1 day an bumbed into the gay pride parade in the city centre lol he came in and said mandy how can your country allow naked ppl on the streets ,the look on his little face was a picture and he was almost in shock lol  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #36)

Western Women & Muslim Men Video!!

well my post was a pm from tam not mandinka 2 ,so it only shows she has her doubts about her friends marriage ,and yes did'nt we say about a certain person we know when we saw her wedding foto's ,it would all go down the plughole when he'd got his stay here ,and we were right and look at the mess he;s left her in ,and where;s he back in gambia .  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #35)

name and shame gambian love cheats

thanx cora her exact words in the pm she sent me was ,i talk to msunel once a week and she seems genuine about her man not being a scammer but i have my doubts .and i still said although we all have our doubts i hope msunel aka mandinka 2 has found herself a good man and has a good future with him .  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #2049)

I say lick Gambian cola nuts.

haha you got to laugh just looked on the site and they all more or less say they are honest and hate lies ,BUT where it show their names and ages then they write a littlt bit of info about themselves etc the age alters ,as examples ,a soldier where his age shows 43 but he say's he's 30 ,others show 26/19 27/21 28/21 29/23 37/30 and most of those dont look in their 20's to start with .oh my i love gambian men i thought it was women who had a thing about their ages ,but there again in gambia a lot of people dont seem to know their exact age for one reason or another ,i think kuts told me 1 age then on some paperwork for him to get his passport their was a different age to what was on a so called birth certificate ,then on his gambian id card a different date of birth again ,so god knows how old he is but id gather he was actually about 39 when i met him and he actually looked round about that age ,unlike the ones on the site you just showed lol ;  (Jun 16, 2013 | post #6)

Q & A with mandinka warrior


i dont stand any crap anymore



When I'm Not on Topix:

you,ll find me on facebook

Read My Forum Posts Because:

im usually see both sides good n bad

I'm Listening To:

i love my reggae revive/lovers

Favorite Things:

family esp grandchildren/music/dancing/gardening/diy/gambia /friends .

On My Mind:

why cant ppl just get along ,why does every reasonable discussion haver to end up in a full scale argument .

I Believe In:

equality for everyone ,no one is any better then anyone else no matter where we come from or what we have ,i like to treat people how they treat me ,so if you get on my wrong side watch out ,i can be your good friend or your worst enemy ,but i like to help people more then hinder them ,i hope that my friends know im there for them for all their up and downs in their lives no matter what the time of day or night it is my door and ears are always open for them ,i love having a good night out and a laugh with my mates i have an easy going manner but as the old song goes dont take my kindness for weakness as that would be very stupid of you ,im here to hopefully help you ladies not make the same mistake as ive done ,and to offer any advice or insight that i might be able to ,i hope i can see both sides of the coin as we say and that i have something good to give to the forum so until then keep the forum going ,we might fall out at times but we do try to resolve our differences .