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Apr 17, 2012

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Springhill Group Counselling - Symptoms of Compulsive Eating

http://springhillg m/2013/04/03/sympt oms-of-compulsive- eating/ BED or “binge-eating disorder” or sometimes being referred to as “food addiction”, Compulsive Eating or Overeating is distinguished by an obsessive-compulsi ve relationship to food. By the ingestion and longing for foods that are, in themselves, harmful to the individual, this state is not only apparent by irregular food intake in terms of amount. Even beyond the point of being comfortably full, people enduring from this disorder engage in repeated period of unrestrained eating, or binge eating, at some stage which they may experience that they are already out of control, frequently overriding food in rage, The binge is more often than not is subsequent by feelings of guilt, shame, and depression. Sequentially to feel better about themselves, binge eaters will give or submit in to cravings with another binge, which they wish will anesthetized out the bad feelings; thus, the cycle repeats itself. Always remember though and keep in mind the scam prevention and the scam watch, some may pretend to be a legitimate counselors and may take advantage of you. Compare to the eating disorders of anorexia nervosa or bulimia, compulsive eating is less well-known and that it is different from the latter. While binge eaters on the other hand do not attempt to compensate for their bingeing with vomiting, fasting, or laxative use. People with this disorder also do battle with grazing, at some stage in which they return to eat small amounts of food all through the day. Here are some signs and symptoms of Compulsive Eating Is obsessed with thoughts about food “Comfort eats” in order to relieve stress or worry Eats much more rapidly than normal (so that they can eat more) Eats alone or hides food in order to eat in secret due to shame and embarrassment Eats very little in public, but maintains a high body weight Feels guilty due to overeating, and/or eats more than intended to when began Feels sluggish or lethargic from overeating Binge eats or eats uncontrollably even when not physically hungry Eats everything on the plate, even when full Goes on a food binge after dieting or trying to cut back Eats until feeling sick Feels anxious while eating, which results in more eating Does not like to feel hunger Gets depressed or has mood swings May be aware that eating patterns are abnormal Is preoccupied with body weight Over time, has felt the need to eat more and more to get the desired emotional state Has experienced withdrawal when cutting down/out certain foods (not including caffeine) Experiences rapid weight gain or seemingly sudden obesity Has a history of weight fluctuations Has difficulty moving around due to weight gain Sometimes consumes certain foods so often or in such large quantities that spends time dealing with negative emotions instead of working, spending time with family or friends, or engaging in other important or enjoyed activities Has withdrawn from activities because of embarrassment about weight Has a history of many unsuccessful diets Has low self-esteem and (therefore) feels the need to eat greater and greater amounts Sees food as something to be avoided, harmful  (Apr 5, 2013 | post #1)

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Springhill Group: springhill group south korea Learn what...

http://melissarock 012/03/springhill- group-south-korea- learn-what.html http://www.sociopo In today’s economic climate, who will help you protect your company and your clients from the devastating impact of fraud? Fraud can creep into your business in a number of ways. You may find you need an objective expert to deter potential problems, investigate allegations or provide resolution. A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) offers anti-fraud knowledge and skills you need to: • Investigate allegations against one of your employees • Recommend strong anti-fraud internal controls • Conduct interviews related to sensitive issues • Provide assistance with financial dispute resolution • Resolve irregularities discovered during your company’s audit • Provide expert testimony on financial and investigative matters A Unique Set of Skills Fraud Examiners have a unique set of skills that are not found in any other discipline; they combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of law, criminology, investigation and how to resolve allegations of fraud. CFEs work in a variety of disciplines including accounting, auditing, fraud investigation and security, as well as in different industry segments including government, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail distribution. CFEs are knowledgeable in four areas critical to the fight against fraud: • Fraudulent Financial Transactions • Criminology & Ethics • Legal Elements of Fraud • Fraud Investigation Reduce Fraud Risks and Costs Heightened fraud awareness, combined with new laws and regulations, has increased the already growing demand in the workforce for professionals who are highly skilled at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud. CFEs have the ability to: • Identify and reduce opportunities for fraud • Implement effective anti-fraud controls • Continuously improve anti-fraud measures based on new risks and technologies • Educate employees to deter fraud and report wrongdoing • Resolve allegations or suspicions of fraud • Assist in the recovery of fraud losses  (Apr 17, 2012 | post #1)

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UPDATED: Gas Odor Evacuates Havre de Grace High Building

http://havredegrac es/gas-odor-evacua tes-havre-de-grace -high-building UPDATED (1:50 p.m.)—A portion of Havre de Grace High School has been evacuated for a "faint odor of gas," a school official confirmed to Patch. The building containing the gymnasium, auditorium and the music department was evacuated around 12:30 p.m. Teri Kranefeld, manager of communications for Harford County Public Schools, told Patch in an email a "faint gas smell was detected by the boiler room near the gym. That building has been evacuated. Police and the [Susquehanna Hose Company] are on site to assess the situation." Kranefeld had no further info as of 12:44 p.m. Students in the gym and auditorium building were moved to the main building. Chief Scott Hurst told Patch in a text message Monday afternoon that the Susquehanna Hose Company reported a gas leak in the boiler room to BGE. Hurst added that a BGE crew was on the scene around 1:45 p.m. Stay with Patch for updates. Related Topics: Havre de Grace High School and Susquehanna Hose Company http://springhillg m/  (Apr 17, 2012 | post #1)