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Feb 25, 2012

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Deansboro, NY

Around Town for the week of 2-15-12

i really dont like yelling, being angry or having to put ppl in check. i have to wonder why the ppl that have asked me to relax now want to go over board and treat women with disrespect and not follow rules??? i want to say that it must be they like being able to put me down cuz they know i am not going put up with it. a word of warning to all....i have told all my female patrons that if "a person says sexual things and you dont like it then have them arrested". sexual harrassment is illegal and we woman out having a good time are not there for your amusement. we are there to have fun the same as you and everybody else. please respect us the way you want to be respected. ty oh and for those of you who think you know everything. i have never left the hotel, i was in the background. and i have been forground since dec 3 2010. so come back and see the changes.  (Feb 25, 2012 | post #1)

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deansboro hotel

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i like everyone to know whats new and whats up

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listening to ppl have a good time and laugh alot

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everyone being treated with respect. having fun at my own expense not someone elses. and caring about others. common sense.