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Nov 14, 2012

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Fruitport, MI

Midday Muskegon headlines: Standoff, sex hearing, Fit at 50

This dangerous habitual offender was released from jail (Muskegon County) on November 10... there was a felony warrant out for him, because he committed a gun crime involving my (then 11 yr old) daughter (we share in common). He was on the run from his Felony Warrant for 7 months. The entire time we were afraid for our lives, and my daughter now has PSTD. When my daughter (victim of this crime) found out he was finally caught she felt safe -thinking he would go to jail and never have to be afraid of him again (even an 11 yr old knows this is a crime where he should be locked up and not let out!!!!), unfortunately, this is not the case and she's afraid for her life all over again ! There seems to an issue with the legal system... a violent, dangerous, habitual criminal, committing a gun crime to his daughter, (which the courts ORDERED me to allow him to have visitation, against my proof to the in regards to his violence, and my major concerns for her safety with him) A dangerous criminal such as him, let loose in our community is a serious threat !! With him having a violent criminal background, a gun crime against a child, hiding from a Felony Warrant, then having it come down to a SWAT team to get him out of his house - of which he was hiding in with his mother ... HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HELD WITHOUT BOND!!  (Nov 14, 2012 | post #1)