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Sep 25, 2011

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The Worst Moderator at CD is Poncho_NM

JMT is 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.  (Apr 28, 2017 | post #55)

Lebanon, OH

Cemetery Criminal Damage

Is this at the pioneer cemetery because I noticed several markers that were broken.  (Apr 19, 2017 | post #2)

Lebanon, OH

Lebanon man sent to prison for shooting relative

More people from away in the subdivision suburbs of Lebanon causing problems. The developers ruined this area things were so much better 40 years ago.  (Apr 13, 2017 | post #1)

Lebanon, OH

Glenn Speaks With Father of Boy Removed From Home by CPS

School officials don't need to try to practice medicine without a license. Kids should be separated by ability level and teaching at the pace of the slowest kids in the class bores the the smarter ones to death. A certain bad teacher keeps his job because his wife is on the school board, the guy was on city council too, small town corruption at it's best.  (Apr 13, 2017 | post #1)


Worst Posters on the City-Data forum

As ban happy as the mods are I am surprised motorman is still around, he is the most annoying poster ever, likes to cause a scene for scenes sake and numerous other posters can't stand him. He is worse than kjbrill. Maxmodder was banned for a lot less.  (Mar 5, 2017 | post #13779)

Lebanon, OH

Showdown looms between GOP 'golden boy' and veteran lawmaker

A lot of theses state reps will try for another office like state senate before they are term limited out so they can get enough time in to collect a pension.  (Jan 7, 2017 | post #2)

Lebanon, OH

Mom says kids target of racism in Lebanon schools

HAHA No. The problem is all the new people who have moved here, this area should not have to be judged by the Johnny-Come-Lateli es who have ruined the area. These pompous bags have changed the area for the worse.  (Jan 4, 2017 | post #4)

Lebanon, OH

Columbus Ave Rent A Center

I would say that they had a return that they resold to you that was infested and they were too stupid to treat it with sterifab, even goodwill does that. There was an employee of theirs that lived in my neighborhood on W. Mulberry in a house full of trashy people that were evicted over the summer. They had loud domestic issues on the back porch every weekend and a lot of police officers showing up. Their landlord told them if it did not stop he was evicting them but it made no difference. After they moved out the landlord told me that the house was trashed and stunk like a hog barn. The mess that they left behind filled a roll off dumpster. They abandoned their pets at the shelter and I am sure any furniture they had from rent a center was returned, and possibly resold to you. They live on Summit St. near Mound now and probably have a whole new set of neighbors that hate them now.  (Nov 21, 2016 | post #4)

Lebanon, OH

Columbus Ave Rent A Center

Rent to own is the biggest rip off ever, all it is a way to charge interest rates that would be illegal if it was a credit card transaction. Rent to own and the payday loan people are the enemy of the working poor.  (Nov 21, 2016 | post #2)

Lebanon, OH

I-75 / I-71 Connector in Warren County

They should have thought about this when they allowed all of the sprawl in the area, the obvious solution, stop building crap, never occurred to anyone. In the meantime there is Tylersville Rd/Western Row, SR 73 and I-275 going from I-71 & I-75.  (Nov 4, 2016 | post #2)

Lebanon, OH

Donald Trump Supporter Charged With Dumping Manure Outsid...

When I was a teenager that place was the Genntown carryout, I used to buy 6% beer and wine there when I was 16, and then go to the Old Fort drive-in every weekend.  (Nov 1, 2016 | post #1)

Lebanon, OH

Manure load dumped at Democratic headquarters

Truth be told Warren County was a better place 40 years ago when I was a teenager, simple country people who looked out for their neighbors. There was no crime, litter, traffic or noise. The worst thing that ruined everything was all the cookie cutter McMansion subdivisions going in and the pompous bags that infes err inhabits them. Self absorbed botoxed Lexus pilots with no sense of common courtesy and their attitude problems. One of the subdivision suburbs of Lebanon just had a shooting and Miller's Crossing is home to Michael Kirkwood, a pedophile who tried to meet a teenage girl at Victoria's Secret that he met on the internet. I live in an old neighborhood in Lebanon all my neighbors are older life long residents and they hate what the area has turned into too.  (Nov 1, 2016 | post #43)

Lebanon, OH

Manure load dumped at Democratic headquarters

It was not really manure, it was shredded copies of Trump's speeches.  (Oct 31, 2016 | post #4)

Lebanon, OH

Man arrested in connection with Lebanon shooting

Amazing how all the trouble we have in Lebanon is caused by people from away that live in the new subdivisions, just like Michael Kirkwood the pedophile.  (Sep 28, 2016 | post #1)

Lebanon, OH

Ohio city's new $868K firetruck doesn't fit in station

The fire house in Lebanon was converted from the Lebanon laundry building in the late 1980s and not constructed to be a fire house, the old one is across the street next to the police station.  (Aug 28, 2016 | post #1)

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