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Feb 25, 2013

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London rabbi arrested for sexual assault

I'm already going as far as to say that along the wildness on behalf of the followers of Islam damned Jewish spawn and their behavior as well becomes one of the main annoying for the UK issues. Yeah, seems like those always polite, good manner and intelligent Jews are already in past. Look, the next street to the house where I rent now a flat with a girlfriend of mine, there is a kind of a hostel, where mainly live Jews. For the time we live here it seems like police is the most frequent visitor to the Jewish hostel - regular loud music night parties, regular wrangling, regular street fights etc. What is for prostitutes, it already seems to me that local panders centrally bring them to the hostel every Friday's and Saturday's evening. In the end of the week 'love' for money takes place here practically in all the hostel bordering streets.... Pity, but even regular sex with prostitutes doesn't prevent thrown aside all restraint Jewish youths from raping and other sexual assaults - last month three Jewish hostel residents have raped in group their underage neighbor.... But since rabbis rape women visiting them and do it in synagogue there is absolutely no surprise for me.  (Feb 25, 2013 | post #16)