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Oct 26, 2008

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La Valle, WI

Kids' Dress-Up Day Draws Christian Ire

You know the longer I live in this state I feel as though I am the only gay guy around here, First of all we had this in my school to, I didn't dress up but I still turned out gay if that what your worried about, secondly none of the kids are going to pick on the others (THEY ARE IN ELEMENTARY)and third what is wrong with alternative lifestyle ( not that I would ever wish my lifestyle on anyone) but still I don't believe that we need to keep acting like it is such a terrible thing, by doing this we have created boarder line personality disorder, Eric Hainstock has this disorder,like i said I never want my nephew to be gay and would do anything in my power to keep it from happening, but if he is I know that my family will be just like everyone else around here and he'll have to deal with a horrible life growing up in this area.  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #7)

La Valle, WI

Eric was in my class at WESTON

i knew mr klang when he taught in wonewoc as special needs teacher, and i know eric. I am going to school for psyc, eric had a lot of problem most definetly, boarder line personality disorder, from what i understand, I am writting a theseis on this very subject. Boarder line personality disorder is when the brain gets some confused that a type of mental pain is felt, these people become cutters, manic depressives, and have suicidal tendencies. Don't think you could have stop this, I had this very disorder in high school thankfully I was able to control it and get the help I needed, but I could be on the verge of tears on the inside, but be smileing and joking on the outside. This disorder is a very scary thing.  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #3)