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Mar 1, 2013

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Jinggling: An App for International Calls

THIS APP ONLY WORKS WITH IPHONE, NOT IPAD OR IPOD TOUCH! Jinggling makes international calling from your iPhone super easy and cheap, with the best calling quality in the market. And we give you $1 FREE credit just to try us out. How does it work? You launch Jinggling app and dial international numbers exactly the same way as you do today. Jinggling will pop up a confirmation box and route your calls to a domestic access number to reach worldwide destinations. You don’t need a data or Wi-Fi connection, so you can enjoy calls from anywhere with better, stable quality! And unlike most VOIP services, your friend on the other side can see your caller ID number! Jinggling provides outbound service from the United States to over 200 countries around the world. Try it now and tell your friends! Tell me more ... SEAMLESS DIALING. Dial international numbers with "011" or "+" prefix directly from Jinggling dialer, from contact book or from call history. No access number, no pin, no login, no password. AFFORDABLE PRICES. Unlike your mobile operator, Jinggling prices will make you smile. In most cases, it costs only a couple of pennies a minute. Over 40 countries with more than 90% of world population can be reached under 3 cents a minute. SUPERIOR QUALITY. Jinggling uses premium routes to all countries around the world. Hear it, believe it! NO FEES. Do you know SKYPE charges a 5 to 9 cent connection fee for every call? Jinggling won’t! NO HIDDEN CHARGES. A minute is a full minute with 60 seconds, not 55 or 50 seconds like some other services. And time is counted when you start your conversation, not when you start dialing. EASY TO ACTIVATE. You’re just one phone number plus two clicks away from your first call. No user login, no email, no credit card asked. We even give you $1 free credit just to try Jinggling. Happy Jinggling!  (Mar 2, 2013 | post #1)