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Aug 1, 2007

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Jail time for drug death

I am a recovering drug addict and never for one second would I place the blame for my addiction on those who sold me the drugs! I chose to take those pills and I sought the dealer out. I wished when I was an addict that dealers would show up at my door, pushing their wares, it would've made my life much easier! You don't think that 18 year old boy didn't seek out D'Amelio and his drugs? You are naive.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #30)

Jail time for drug death

Carol....just as an observer, I would like to let you know that you do sound truly uneducated. Why would Gilbert "go live with Osama"? What does that have to do with what you're arguing? You sound like someone who believes everything she is told by the media and those in politics....learn to think for yourself and learn to think beyond your pain.  (Aug 25, 2007 | post #29)

new prescription procedures for narcs in my state

The thing with unhappy people is that they are constantly trying to bring others down to their level.  (Aug 8, 2007 | post #6)

new prescription procedures for narcs in my state

Perhaps the pharmacist does fully explain the dangers of the medication to the would you know, Zinger? Do you just assume they don't? You know what they say about making assumptions.....  (Aug 8, 2007 | post #5)

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