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Jul 25, 2009

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dirty snapchat

Wish I knew you  (Jan 29, 2014 | post #500)

Ottawa, ON

Winter weather blasts Central, Atlantic Canada

I cant wait to return to my country , where its Hot all year round. Canadian winters SUCK.  (Jan 19, 2014 | post #3)

Fedor Emelianenko

Vadim Finkelstein has no respect for FEDOR EMILIANENKO

Firstly Vadim Finkelstein seems to have NO Respect for the Greatest MMA & Sambo Champion in the World. Just cause he had 3 losses does not mean Fedor has lost his SKILLS. And People make mistakes. Firstly Vadim Finkelstein seems to have NO Respect for the Greatest MMA & Sambo Champion in the World. Just cause he had 3 losses does not mean Fedor has lost his SKILLS. Vladim Finkelstein thinks that if Fedor looses again he should retire although he says its Fedors choice. Of course its Fedor choice NO one has a right to tell Fedor the King of MMA to retire How DARE you. And People make mistakes. Werdum & Silva are nothing Fedor has fought way bigger & Tougher fighters. Look at what Fedor did to Brett Rogers, Kevin Randleman, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Silva, Mark Coleman, Mark Hunt, Mirko Crocop, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera, Gary Goodridge, Heath Herring, And lots more. Fedor has DESTROYED way better fighters than Werdum or Silva and he will beat Dan Henderson. Fedor Destroyed everybody for 10 years and Dana White must be confused when he insults Fedors abilities. Fedor Emilianenko is truly the greatest Mixed Martial Artist in the World and dont forget he is also a Judo & Sambo Champion. Fedor has Blackbelts in Judo & Sambo and he is a true Warrior a Humble intelligent fighter with Grappling Kickboxing & Boxing Skills. Fedor is also an excellent Mixed Martial Arts Instructor & an Ambassador to the Sport. Fedor is always Respectful & Humble, Yet the UFC always seems to insult him. I guess they are jelouse due to the fact that Fedor has turned down the UFC. Well maybe if UFC treated Fedor with Respect then maybe things might have been different. But UFC does not deserve Fedor. Check Out Fedors fighting record: http://www.sherdog .com/fighter/Fedor -Emelianenko-1500 Fedor is the Bruce Lee of Mixed Martial Arts. Phillip Bastians.  (Jun 11, 2011 | post #1)

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Ever wonderd how USA became an Empire ?

Take a look at these videos , This is the history of the USA they sadly dont teach you at school. I am sure if this was taught in every American School in USA maybe instead of all these wars we would have a more peaceful & understanding attitude towards other countries instead of bombing countries & commiting Genocide via CIA. YouTube Videos below: THE WAR ON DEMOCRACY 1/10 .com/watch?v=fHj73 5t_knk John Stockwell - CIA's War on Humans .com/watch?v=m3ioJ GMCr-Y War on democracy - School of Americas .com/watch?v=G5L1V dlktOw THE CORRUPT UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT - PART 1-14 .com/watch?v=CzPNK coyfAM What a wonderful world - US Imperialist style .com/watch?v=hDqhV 52ww9A Educating Rudy .com/watch?v=xcQQ0 5XtAQ4 NAFTA: Ten Years of Broken Promises .com/watch?v=MNLnB nTuxvU Peru Free Trade Scam .com/watch?v=Q1AtF _z-Wyk No al TLC- No to the FTA with Peru .com/watch?v=BX8uc JfL9cg&feature =related Bolivia Water .com/watch?v=S0qmD NrpD20 Bolivia is not for sale part 1 of 3. - .com/watch?v=uJ8cF gRbPZk Also check out link below: Peru: Blood Flows In The Amazon By James Petras http://www.counter s170609.htm Looking foward to replies after People have gone through videos & Link. It is sad that there will never be world peace. Bombing People because of difference of opinion is rather sad. This is why SCO Alliance was created And Third World Countries are setting up Military Alliances for thier own protection. Look up EL ALBA in South America and UNASUR. I for one say no to US Imperialism.  (Dec 30, 2009 | post #1)