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Sep 10, 2012

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If itts me ur referring to with thelong paragraphs im nt intentionally trying to promote i think there shit.and im sayi. Stay away there piss fur answer still mr im not lying their real....well.............  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #43)

GA meet me

GA ur getting tortured ause u bite everytime.ppl that speak nice speak nice bk and the LoL in this world will soon give up tryin to annoy u.stop answering knoobs and get on wif who wants d talk d ye cause ppls gettin a laugh reading ur statements bk out to tools.seriously man maybe hard d do at the start but ignire thhem and youjll see m all go lookin for someone else wholl giv m there daily pathetic laughs.ul b seen as a real man and nt a 13yr old slagging wach others familys and wifes an ex's he said that d me .aw but he called me a first naw but but sounds childish pathetic losers who get kicks from triggering ppl off And ur acting like a perfect candidate for these childish 13yr old a bigger man an u get a laugh at them wasting their time typinv hanging for a reply when its not gony happpen.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #475)


Mzn i just want d know if the person took my 10er ukash voch and gave me 20 orange type pills b a score no other marks on benzo is a scammer thats it .wont answer emails now.if they did sent me 5 was decent id know there y nt answer for mayb nt all but sum1 caught me aw well ill just keep sayin there shit til a get a decent pill.til then ill just pay extra for the real 1s i got just nw.thanks postie happy days nice box taste and there a we blue teva.does me flor an extra 10 on 56tabs..  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #41)


Funny that m8.i troied emailing the guy who i got them response nw since i put that luv to know the email addy u got ur chalk from sleepydave to see who crooked it on us.sincere apoligys for my attempt yeterday with my post.the guy said he cudnt understand a using a fon keypad and its a bit awkward and very unpleasant to type on.but bk to the point has any1 else paid by ukash and got a small see through zip bag with orange pills that in my opinion wasnt benzos.forgive me to the true sellers apparantly trusted 121 ur 100% and any1 else its not aimed at u or any other sellers selling the same gud 1s.just want to find out was i scammed,was it a bad batch or did me and my m8 nt get a hit from 10 each of the real deali personally think theres sum1 selling dudds that look like the gud dying to try these but my trust has left now not knowing who to ask.hope this is a bit better typing.hard to do sitting on a bus with a little  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #38)

cat's pyjamas - i take down sellers.

I hope u smart dudes are rite.luks good fur it i really beleive youv got m.hes got my acc all messed up cant take emails no more since he sent a smart asz email.find him and get rid of him.he shud take off his cats pyjamas and psss off.i hope ur rite dude that youv got his name.i luv seein TOUTS get dealt with.AS GOOD AS A GUD feck exaerating but its sweet.and IS UP THERE.see wot a did there......nice........  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #42)

GA meet me

Haha prob right shops should sell blues like tictacs chill u all thatl happen.b nice even think of moving to scotland if that happened.wot part though frankie boyle said move d any part its pretty much the same.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #450)


Y dnt u read all the thread.i bought a small bag.i know where they come from.could buy m.dont know if what i got were a bad batch but not a bitta stone between me an my m8 10 each.shuda def felt that.i only usually buy real but i thought these were the c-13 what i was told they were.nowhere on google will you see c10 what rubbish m8 that was a nice sales touch to make ppl still think its diazi 10s cause thats wot ppl thinks is the the way cloazepam 0.5 is much better than d1Os or blues wotever ur lingo is.pity these wernt the same as the mad indiam meds men brought about a year now ill get the thread its still about the last time they were selling them when apparantly they were shit ur homework and ul findIM CORRECT.cheers nonsense  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #33)

Looking for anadrol / oxy in Glasgow

M8 pm me an let me know when u on fon so cnt pm myself but can continue pm when ur man but ill talk pm.steve.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #2)

FREE boxed Actavis trusted members needed

Hi deval m8 i buy everythingon here aesnd sell now and again i cudnt afford to mess up.ill do cod but u need to explain it how to pay and also how it buying shit off ppl wnt name or shame these sellers but paying 100 to 200 a week or swapping my oxycontin what i also need for pain to swap for shit isnt fair.ill chance a box and i pray their good so i can buy from sum1 with reliable stuff.thanks deval or dave is it.ill text soz email u nw.check feedback man i pay everything no1s got bad word d say bout me.stevey  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #155)

GA meet me

Lads im from n.ireland and a dunno y all u scots dont just gather up and all be m8s.i speak to u all individually and yous all sound spot on.dunno y u all hate each other even the prods and catholics here arnt as bad no more well not at all were i live we all learned d live in same areas well in most places.a lot nicer city d live in nw.belfast still a bit mad but thats not as bad either with the sounds of things.just seems mad how one country is split wif hatred so badly u shud read bk through the thread.its  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #447)


Exactly man.sum1s nt being honest bout these things.i was told that it said c13 on the tab.the color didnt bother me as diff brands have diff colours anyway but the prints are all the same no matter wot brand name.thet makes me beleive there a fake.nt like the 1s mnths ago that app were buyin no more after seein those 1s in google.can u gimme a name of sum1 who sells gud benzos on here dont have to be diazipam actually wud rather sumthin else clonazis or sumthin gud And a gud seller even a shop.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #31)


Type in c13 klonipin pics into google or O.5 clonazepam pics and youll see them.cheers  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #29)


The ta lets are clonazepam klonipin is the generic.go look at the pics online of how they shud look.there are the smallest mg available o.5 they are.the biggest is 2mg but even a O.5 clonazepam or geric klonipin is really stong.these i know 100% are nt the c13 i said i b4 i tried the real 1s and they blew me away thats y a wanted d give m another go cause the proper 1s which i was told they were r better than any other benzo.soz butt sum1 isnt telling truth on what make these are.i was going to keep that info to myself but when the markings didnt exist i got suspicious and thought id share to people spendinv there hard earned ( well sum ofc us lol) Cash on them.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #27)


Soz kero if it werent u man i thought it was a guy andy gave me the email Addy.i sent payment with a u kash so i dont no i was asked for7 pounds and i sent a tenner instead in case postage was a bit more expensive so the person who i got off gave me an extra few.was 7quid for 15 but they sent 20 instead cause i sent extra 3 quid.i never checked emails yet cause email addy isnt username so cant tell.i didnt complain as postage was bang on and i hate complaining anyway when buying foreign meds.if it wasnt u m8 im extrmely soz but if it was i didnt feel anything at all so i put it dwn to a bad batch and was going to order another 20 tomorrow just to see was it me or wot.i know email addy so ill email that and youll know if it was u.really soz though if nt cus i buy a lot from time to time and i dont want a seller thinking a buyers being a thats y a didn complain until a seen a few others saying the same thing..i didn put u dwn if it was u m8 i just said no markings and felt nought thats all a meant i know wot they are and had real 1s and they didn ressemble them.soz again if nt u.frm madste  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #24)

UK oxycontin 10mg samples sent out feedback here by Wedne...

This is madsteve here sorry bout that numpty jumpin in m8.wont happen again i always do me own threads for all wot i have.hope u accept apoligy dude.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #115)