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Mar 19, 2014

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Fall Landscaping Maintenance at Westhill Consulting Briti...

After the pleasant busyness of the late-summer and early-autumn harvesting crunch, and before the winter rains truly set in, youll enjoy a window of fine weather and working conditions to do a little garden and landscape maintenance. Part of the joy of the season on Vancouver Island is its calm, its meditative quality—the unhurried preparation for shortening days, cooler temperatures, maritime rains, all on the heels of heat and produce bounties. First off, clean up your spread. Remove the above ground husks of any perennials that have browned and died back, and gather ground litter like dried leaves and twigs. Such detritus—as well as big weed patches and discarded equipment—is excellent for cultivating slugs, which you most certainly don't want in your garden beds. On the subject of slugs, autumn is a great time to apply some anti-slug defenses such as beer traps. Baiting out slugs in early autumn, before they've laid eggs, can save you much hassle later on—and doing another round of bait later on in the season can target the hatchlings you missed. Westhill Consulting British Colombia Original site: https://yannoswell More Bonuses: http://westhill-co nsulting-british-c wiki/Westhill_Cons ulting_British_Col ombia_Wiki http://www.slidesh lls/westhills-cons ulting-british-col ombia  (Mar 19, 2014 | post #1)