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May 9, 2012

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Miami-Beach, FL

Rare Frank Meisler Sculpture of Gold & Silver Found in Mi...

A rare Frank Meisler Jewish sculpture was discovered in a storage auction recently, in Miami, FL. While the true value is still undetermined, the sculpture is said to be one of only about 10 in the world. This sculpture, handcrafted out of sterling silver, 24k gold and pewter, is breathtaking in its meticulous design. This piece, dubbed The Voyages of Discovery, is a masterful creation highlighting the Jewish involvement in the discoveries of the New World. From Columbus and his three ships, to his journal text, to maps of the New World reminiscent of those drawn by Columbus himself. A rotating Jerusalem Sphere is also featured in the center of the sculpture. The artist Frank Meisler had this to say about the Jerusalem Sphere: “I have created Jerusalem in the form of a sphere, the city walls and gates and the buildings culminating with the Temple Mount. The concept derives from ancient maps showing Jerusalem as a circular city in the center of a flat world”. While the debate over whether Christopher Columbus was himself Jewish, still continues to this day, few argue the significance Jews played not only in providing funding for his voyage but to the numerous members of his crew who have been confirmed as being Jewish. Many scholars believe that passages from the Book of Daniel are what actually lead Columbus to search and discover the New World. Still, few can doubt the masterful craftsmanship and true honor this sculpture embodies of the Jewish contribution to the Voyages of Discovery. It is truly a treasure that forever captures the spirit of a people and is a find not soon to be duplicated in the near future. For more information and to view the amazing photos of this sculpture, please visit: www.ColumbusSculpt  (May 9, 2012 | post #1)