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Aug 1, 2007

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Bush: I Cry A Lot

The Clinton's are criminals too -- Remeber white water? Don't be such a sheep. Suffer your self no illusions, a Presidency under Hilary will in no way bring back the 'Good 'ol days'. Hillary will ruin this country! Vote RON PAUL!  (Sep 4, 2007 | post #11)


Bush: I Cry A Lot

Gee thanks, thats very diplomic... Are you always so easily hazed over by a little crock of sh-eet. I bet he's cries alot... For what he's done to this country, He should cry.... VOTE RON PAUL. .com/watch?v=AFfdB 5OzlyQ AROUND THE COUNTRY: PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP: Memphis: .com/watch?v=FFSCX Iffv1s Dallas: .com/watch?v=9j7l2 yUk13I Etc.: .com/profile_favor ites?user=RonPaul2 008dotcom .com/watch?v=-DqY8 iIxe2c .com/watch?v=IWfIh Fhelm8  (Sep 3, 2007 | post #3)

Medford Lakes, NJ

School report shows upturn in violence for 2005-06

Higher Violence or Better Reporting ----- Is the violence rate increasing, or are we just getting better at reporing? I bet this is an enigma in reporting --- Not a truth based on statistics. And whats more, I Guaruntee that numbers will go down next year... NOT because of any intervention or change is actual violence, but because parents and administrators see that headlines like this are the risk of "agreesive reporting." You'll see.  (Sep 3, 2007 | post #1)


MICHAEL VICK'S STATEMENT: Athlete says he's even found Jesus

You, as parents, must them the difference. That: "sometimes, they are just street-thugs, with a really cool job."  (Aug 30, 2007 | post #62)

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New Orleans Marks Katrina Anniversary

Hey Let Celebrate! Maybe we could go on a few confiscation runs for some Guns?!??! Better Yet, maybe we should have the authorities give back the ones they "Stole"? Never Forget. We have all failed, Our Gov't has failed and "We" all should the blame.. For not ACTING, for not REacting... These are disgusting. Unbelievable that this can happen in AMERICA. If this doesn't scare you, nothing will. .com/watch?v=M1EdC 5y8EGU .com/watch?v=-taU9 d26wT4 .com/watch?v=vwlUq O6tRlU PROTECT YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!  (Aug 29, 2007 | post #1)


MICHAEL VICK'S STATEMENT: Athlete says he's even found Jesus

How about that!??! Vic claims to have "found Jesus"? haha LOL.....NO NO VIC, that's not Jesus -- that's "Hay-soos " (spelled Jesus), and he's gonna be your new Puerto Rican-American CELL-MATE .... VICS IS A SCUMBAG!  (Aug 29, 2007 | post #57)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Okay… One last question for any ANTIGUN activities left on this post…. The next time media or the antigun activities provide examples of violent crime, whereby a “gun” was involved --- Pay close attention to if they have labeled it a “Legal” or “Illegal” gun. See, here’s the spin: Most stories about violence crime involving guns, the media almost always fails to mention if the gun involved in the crime: (1) was legally purchased? (2) how was it obtained (i.e, in this state, in this local?) The only things they want you to hear are “Gun” and (i.e., equals) “violent crime” (i.e., robbery, rape, murder, etc.). Here’s a good example: /statattack/2007/0 8/gun_killings_on_ the_rise.html “Gun killings?” with illegal or legal guns? Also, did you notice the mixing of words? "gun crime", "gun killings", "gun homicide" … Not to mention TX has a HUGE drug and gang problem (worse than NJ), meaning better access to Illegal guns. Here is another: http://www.downtow 4/lowereastsiders. html In the story: “Jacqueline Kuhls, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, told the forum that 30,000 people a year are killed in gun violence nationally. The supply of illegal guns in New York, a state with strict gun laws, comes from Virginia, George and Florida, states with minimal gun control, she said.” “Illegal guns used in a crime end up in the river or a landfill,” Kuhls said. “Gun dealers indeed depend on a market where guns disappear and have to be replaced.” How about that? SO STRICT GUN CONTROL IS NOT ENOUGH? NOW ITS “OTHER STATES”? Not to mention, she says “30,000” but does articulate on how many were killed with Illegal guns? How about 10,999. And the last quote is GREAT! Now, all of a sudden, were talking about “illegal guns” HOWEVER, we’re blaming gun dealers for replacing the illegal guns that get thrown in the River? DO ANY OR ALL OF YOU SEE THE CRAZINESS WITH THESE ARGUMENTS or is it just me?  (Aug 24, 2007 | post #7207)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Reading through some of the older ANTI Gun comments, I realize how culturally Brainwashed some are, through years of exposure to mass media and public schools, etc. Symptoms obviously include an inability to perform critical thinking. A delusion and inability to understand that REAL evil does exist in the world and that the veneer of civility can be, in some venues, paper thin and as brittle as ice. The inability to conceive that a power structure far outside what they can see or understand really does exist. Hey did any of the "Aussies " share with you "What happened to the REAL "Crocodile Dundee" ? http://www.lewrock cz/suprynowicz48.h tml How many of you "missed it" -- Thanks to media spinbags, I bet alot of you.. Stop focusing on what they are telling you, and start asking what they're not telling you....  (Aug 24, 2007 | post #7206)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Very WISE Advise, because without doing this, you can become a known idiot.... "By extension" as they say....  (Aug 23, 2007 | post #7150)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Thank you Jack, very good Analysis. As always, and as I said, DEE calls us "Nuts" -- Do you see? That is the entire ANTI GUN / GUN CONTROL platform --- PURE EMOTION, no statistics, no facts, no argument. Guns upset them, period. They have had different experience and wish to expand no insight to what we are trying to preach here. It's not for "us" -- It is for all. I want every american to have to the choice and abilty to defend themselves and thier family. That's it, that's my motivation. For her, and others that "Don't get it" I sincerely hope that you or your family is NEVER a victim of a violent crime, whereby being armed and able to DEFEND yourself could have made the difference - However, I know that then, and only then, will you truly "Get it" --- Kinda like why and when people buy burglar alarms --- Do you know when? AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN ROBBED (Too late, your odds are much lower now). Dee --- Good Luck and God Bless. Your gonna need it.  (Aug 23, 2007 | post #7143)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Now, that is a rational thinker there. Exactly my point, background checks and waiting periods are just MORE FALSE ICONS OF SECURITY. You are putting 99.8% of Honest, Law Abinding citizens through meaningless lopes. For Dee, Again, Do you really think that a Psycopath or convicted criminal is going to try to purchase a gun via a state sanctioned channel? Even if Cho was turned down (which funny, NJ made a statement that "their process would have stopped him" - Yeah, do they mean the "camden process"), If you're from PA, NJ or DE -- You simply needs to make a trip to Camden, Trenton, or Newark-NJ. In less than hour, you can be the proud owner of an array of illegal weapons (Auto, Semi-Auto, you name it) that have come in bunch of locations (South America, Russia, Florida, IL, etc.)... the only thing that will be missing will be a serial number. When NJ upped their Gun Laws (again) and then did a follow up study on Violent Crime (because it didnt really go down), Do you know what they found? About 2/3 of the Guns used in Violent Crimes came in From neighboring states... So the Criminals still have their guns, but honest citizens now have to wait the background check.. Nice work!  (Aug 23, 2007 | post #7135)

It's the Guns, Stupid

Are you obtuse? Do you really believe that a "background check" or legal gun purchase channel from any state would have stopped that Madman? Wake up. That guy was hell-bent on killing folks, and he would have found a way to do it. Have you noticed how many "astranged " wives WITH RESTRATINING ORDERS against violent husbands are killed every year? Laws, orders, background checks only hinder Law abinding citizens. Crazy's will continue to find other means to get weapons, even if they have to make them like in Prison.  (Aug 23, 2007 | post #7132)

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