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May 8, 2008

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Why people hate Russians?

Viipuri? What is this ? -Finnish toilet paper? -Finnish Santa's name? -Or may be this is Finnish verb means "to mashroom"? Explain please how is correct to pronounce? Viiiipuuuur-ii? The stress is on which syllable?  (Jan 27, 2015 | post #189)

Why people hate Russians?

Game is up, stupid! Ukriane is splitting it's alright?  (Jan 27, 2015 | post #184)

'Thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine'

It looks like genocide. People of Donbass must not trust to Putin. The war is the most idiotic thing that I ever seen.  (Jan 27, 2015 | post #125)

Why people hate Russians?

Why you hatred toward Russian is disappearing when you see the money in front of your nose? You are like a prostitute who hates a client but working hard.  (Jan 27, 2015 | post #181)

US believes it is number one - Russia

Finland is absolutely insignificant country, even Polaks say so. They have a few cows and proud of it.  (Jan 24, 2015 | post #50)

'Thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine'

Without Crimea... Such Ukro idiots like you I call Anti Ukraine. No! Forget about united Ukraine! It's already FACT!  (Jan 24, 2015 | post #56)

'Thousands of Russian troops in Ukraine'

First of all I want to say hello, my little finnish ill-bred boy. What happend with Valio after sanctions? Don't lose your job in front of cow's udder?  (Jan 24, 2015 | post #55)

20,000 protest in Ukraine's capital

Polaks are doing well? Yeah! Like Kachinskiy is flying well.  (Jan 24, 2015 | post #4943)

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