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May 19, 2010

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Birmingham, AL

Review: Ralph Gibson's World Of Dogs

The experience I have had with Ralph Gibson and my dog, and my friends/ their dogs, has been strictly positive. I have used Ralph for my dog's training and boarding for over 4 years and have been extremely happy and I am confident that Ralph would NEVER do anything like that! Ralph would miss a meal himself before he would underfeed an animal! He is a kind, competent professional with only the owner and animal as a focus- not money! The price that I paid was more than fair for the time Ralph has put into my dog and me, and has also been the best investment I have ever made! My dog's attitude towards Ralph says it all- since day 1 my dog was more relaxed and happy than he was with me! My pup loves his Uncle Ralph! I will continue to recommend Ralph and his business to anyone that I can because he has the most humane, positive, balanced training program available. He has been a blessing in our lives! If not for Ralph many dogs would be euthanized for reasons that Ralph can rehabilitate. He is a canine blessing! As Ralph would say, "God's dog first, my dog second."  (May 19, 2010 | post #4)