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Jun 3, 2007

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California Government

California bucks immigration enforcement trend

Hey: Oil of Ole; Let's line them up against a wall, like Hitler did, and shoot them!! You don't know what the hell you talk about when you state the ware doesn't effect the amount of money the states have to fund the depts. you mentioned. Bush and his stupid followers have just about bankrupted america. McCain would continue to bankruptcy and who pays? YOU PAY with higher taxes. A noted economist has stated the United states will have a debt of over 125 trillion dollars after it gets out of Iraq and the Middle East. and you and every American will pay it and your children's, children's, children also. You and McCain lovers are nuts!!!  (Jun 18, 2008 | post #485)

California Government

California bucks immigration enforcement trend

would you rather not pay for education than have them show up in emergency rooms and you pay for it or commit crimes and you pay for it by prison time or would you want them to get jobs and not pay taxes like you say they do! Those against undocumented really 'slay" me. as I've said other where, WHITES were the first illegals in North america. They stole Indian land, killed them, taught them how to scalp, took away all their hunting lands. Cheated them, placed them on reservations, they the whites would not live on, sold them booze which got them drunk and they didn't know how to handle the alcohol and did silly things the white man laughed at, and made treaties that the white man broke. Broke just about every one of them. Much of the land in the west belonged to Mexico and was taken in war. Whites have a sordid history of bring foreigners into America to build rich mans money making ventures. Now many complain that the Asians aren't wanted. What unadulterated hypocrisy.  (Jun 18, 2008 | post #483)


DeLay: "Unless Obama Proves Me wrong, He is a Marxist."

Unless Delay proves me wrong he has eaten too much of his remedy for termites and pests in Texas. Oh he might also have too much space between his ears but I'd have to do surgery to find out.  (Jun 10, 2008 | post #953)

US News

Congress Considers Windfall Tax On Oil Companies

Well, Well, possibly anathema to conservatives and those who think that capitolism is the answer to everything let's consider that if big companies abuse capitalism the people punish them very extremely so they will think twice before they ever abuse the profit margin. LET THE US GOVERNMENT NATIONALIZE EVERY OIL COMPANY THAT DOES BUSINESS IN AMERICA. Our politicians think they can force democracy upon a religious triumvirate i.e. Iraq then why can't we also tell the oil companies we will nationalize them if they don't cut the prices by 50% immediately. No chance to pass on any tax because there is none! they are just forced to charge less and if perchance they plan to reduce production then we will take over the refineries and preemptively strike any chance to fight us. Let's pull a Bush and control our destiny and control all oil and tell the oil CEO's and companies you HAVE SCREWED AMERICA LONG ENOUGH1 NOW IT'S OUR TURN TO DO IT TO YOU!! (forget alternative energy sources because now the feds won't get their cut by owning the companies and controlling the sun.  (Jun 10, 2008 | post #358)

George Bush

Senate Report: Bush, Cheney Knowingly Lied About Prewar I...

'Farter" and other posters who disparage this report must have had their heads in the proverbial sand since 2001. Bush and his money took him out of Viet Nam and his business activity was below par, (for want of a better term I could use). Interesting that Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president in America's history and if you don't see a good percentage of these are Republicans I see absolutely no hope for you. Just as incontrovertible proof exists that Viet Nam did not have to happen so there is plenty of proof that exists that this conflict in the Middle East did not have to happen if America had been awake and demanded more from its leaders. Americans, for the most part, have been too mesmerized by "American Idol" and other inane television, failed to remember anything they learned in HS civics or didn't take civics or failed the class. Today Americans see young soldiers being killed and maimed in a conflict that the "rich kids" and children of politicians do not join because they "have better things to do" Bush and his neocons refused to begin a draft to fill the military ranks because they knew the draft, with no exemptions, would bring down the wrath of the American citizens upon him because now there would be children of middle class Americans killed and maimed. FACT:: in past wars it has been mostly liberals and Democrat POLITICIANS who have been in the military NOT “wussy” Republicans POLITICIANS. They would rather send poor, misguided as to the real reasons they send men to die, fathers and mothers, then go themselves. Where are all the young congressmen in Iraq and Afghanistan? Check the CHICKEN HAWK report for today’s Republican politicians who “missed Viet Nam. (Put “CHICKEN Hawk” into your search engine) Now National Guard soldiers who have families, jobs, responsible positions in the communities including both mothers and fathers are dying and many still alive are being sent back again and again because of the stupidity of this government. If you are willing to ignore the proven lies then this country doesn't need you so go to a country where you can believe any Bull Sh*t the government says is truth. In Viet Nam era the word was "America Love it or leave it" I thick it still stands today but the America of most citizens is a country where politicians and government tell citizens the truth before it sends them to die. Unfortunately it was the officer in charge of the Guantanamo Bay unit in the movie "A Few Good Men" who had it correct for the disbelievers of the truth on the Middle East, "YOU CAN'T STAND THE TRUTH" And By the Way don’t even think of calling me UNPATRIOTIC. I SERVED IN VIET NAM, which is more than you can say for Bush, Cheney, Limpdick, and numerous other loudmouths. And I suggest you review the words of great American leaders of the past and I will quote just two “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin 1759 “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana “The greater the lie the greater the chance it will be believed.” Adolph Hitler Sorry, I couldn’t help but put that last one in.  (Jun 7, 2008 | post #1735)

US News

California High Court refuses to stay gay marriage ruling

ACTIVIST JUDGES? where do you live? Have you ever taken a civics course? Have you ever taken a class in Constitutional Law? The trouble with people who blame the court system for deciding against their religious beliefs forget that the court NEVER decided against your beliefs. YOU just have no constitutional right to impose your beliefs upon a society that follows the constitution. Unfortunately some politicians have forgotten that religion does NOT determine secular law in America. The court followed California constitution by throwing out you anti gay law as surely as if the citizens gave, through the vote, the right to have slaves, churches the right to control government, religion to determine how each person worships.I really think that principle is too simple for you or the other religion controllers. The principal of equal rights also applies to YOU as long as you do not force by vote or any other provision your religious belief I don't understand how you cannot understand this principle that originated from the founding fathers of America who were deists. I think you have never taken Civics in school or spent too much time reading your Bible instead of learning about how the constitution protects all until they attempt to shove their particular religious beliefs down our throats. ANTI-GAY IS A RELIGIOUS BELIEF!!!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. If you religious beliefs are ever attacked like you attack gays this court will also defend your right to speak out against gays. The trouble is when you place on a ballot an unconstitutional provision that smacks against equal rights is when true Americans should rise and say ENOUGH! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF RELIGION MEDDLING INTO OUR PRIVATE LIVES, PERSUADING THE GENERAL PUBLIC THAT YOUR PARTICULAR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS SHOULD BE A PART OF SECULAR SOCIETY. Let the state grant a license for any one to marry whom they want to marry and how many and as long as they don't beat each other or beat and neglect their children they should be left alone by the state just like you like to be left alone. NOW if you want a religious marriage on ytop of the state license then go tio any church you want to and if they are willing to marry you, fine just don't go bothering those who don't agree with you. I like to think that King David and King Solomon enjoyed the many wives they had and they didn't get rebuked by their god so perhaps religion shouldn't get into telling others how to marry as their history from their own perspective seems totally different from what they would have society to believe. Get a life. Quit trying to change the world just change yourself!!!  (Jun 4, 2008 | post #384)

US troop deaths hit 7-month high in Iraq

Some of the posters who continue to push the war, push for drilling etc. continue to express the ignorance that pervades Americans. Three years ago my electrical costs on my home was nearly $400 per month. I determined to solve this problem. I began by insulating the roof with a Gerard roof, and then I installed double pane windows and finally placed 8.4 Kw hours of solar panels on my roofs. My electrical costs are now around $100. I plan to place more insulation in my roof areas and then instant electric water heaters. The only are where my costs have increased is gas which heats my hot tub an home water heater. I plan to eliminate that energy situation soon. A group of energy experts stated in the January edition of Scientific America that if America would place solar panels on 250,000 acres of unused land America could reduce their energy by 60% by 2050. A Spanish company is planning to place solar on 25 sq mi of land in Arizona that will provide energy for 75,000 homes. Now before any one screams about the energy used and the cost of the solar panels might consider that if the trillion dollars spent on Iraq and other Middle East adventure had been or were diverted to every home and business in the sun belt the "umbilical cord" could have been cut much sooner. More workers are to be needed for energy exchange from oil to alternative energy. Whatever it costs it would be much more advantages, moral if one could say that, less effect on the environment and many other advantages. My home value has gone up by $20.000. Those who can't afford this change can be assisted by the Federal and state governments. I don't think any mother or father would complain when their children came home and did not have to go to war because a group of oil men needed their income protected. America has been so often able to adjust to new technology and ways of doing work and it seems so stupid that we continue to wallow in oil and drive autos that aren't fuel efficient or do not use any oil product at all. the fuel cell is driving some Japanese cars this year and all American car companies can come up with is a hybrid. There is a company in So CA that has an electric race car that can trounce a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Corvette. Why don’t the Auto companies put enough money into research to build these cars? There are logistic problems for sure but nothing that Americans couldn't handle if they desired change enough to break free.  (May 1, 2008 | post #225)

US News

Bush's tax cuts didn't do much good for the economy

I'm in health care and I laugh at those who do not want universal health care! First: if you don't have health care you tend to not go see a doctor for health care as you can't pay. You wait till it is so bad that you now have to go somewhere and where do you go? The Emergency room of a Hospital, that's where and who pays the bill? You the tax payers with higher hospital costs increased insurance costs and increased state reimbursement for unpaid health care. The taxpayers get it coming or going. My question is shall Americans recognize that there needs to be universal care and kick the money grubbing companies out of the business of restricting procedures, becoming the richest of the corporations or shall we do like Hitler did and line up all the undesirables and shoot them. They sure won't need health care any more.  (Apr 28, 2008 | post #342)

NBC 10 Philadelphia

Teens Reportedly Have Sex In Local Cinemas

So parents still want to prevent schools from teaching sex education? When will they learn that after the age of around five, children's peers are the most important persons in their lives and if parents start cracking down on them or don't take the time necessary to build a good relationship the child will do what he or she want to do and the parents will discipline but it only makes the relationship more strained. When they're by themselves or of age "all bets are off".  (Apr 28, 2008 | post #37)

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