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Apr 19, 2014

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Farmingdale, NY

Fatal Farmingdale Crash

There are many Questions to be answered in Friday's (5/09) Fatal Car crash on Conklin and Staples... and many rumors floating around.. BUT.. let's remember the survivors in the hospital who will be facing probably a long recovery and the families of those teens who died.. rumors of racing, drinking, etc... it does not matter to these families.. they lost sons, daughters.. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!! Collections are being raised for the ones that have died.. but, PLEASE.. My son wants everyone to remember the one boy, his friend that is in the hospital, on life support. No one seems to be mentioning him.. from a single family household and if the time comes.. his mother will need funds too.. There is to be a vigil TONIGHT at St. Killians.. PRAYERS to the families.. to the victims in serious condition from the Suburban..and the boy from the Nissan.. that is of now.. still alive...  (May 11, 2014 | post #1)

Farmingdale, NY

CableShow-BAR RESCUE coming to Farmingdale?

My son told me that he was told (I know, game of old fashioned TELEPHONE.. and he does not always get things right!) by the OWNER'S SON.. that the Show BAR RESCUE-(I believe either on SPIKE OR FX?) is going to be coming to Farmingdale/South Farmingdale soon to film a Bar (of course!) on MOTOR AVE.. across from STOP & SHOP.. (I forgot the name of bar.. changed names in recent years..) .. So.. has anyone heard this? (or was this made up?) If true, and filming hasn't been done yet... does anyone know when the filming will take place??? I tried the website..but nothing about FUTURE RESCUES! I will try to find out more if no one else knows anything!  (Apr 19, 2014 | post #1)