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Sep 3, 2013

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Circumcision. A Personal Choice.

That is supposedly true, although cleaning (with a foreskin) is no more than the usual hygiene practices e.g. cleaning behind your ears etc. Look after yourself, no problems really.  (Sep 3, 2013 | post #3)

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Circumcision. A Personal Choice.

Although one cannot begin to compare it with such horrors as Islamic female genital mutilation, Circumcision IS itself, genital mutilation also.  This much is fact, and isn't even debatable by anyone who doesn't make up their own meanings of words. Like countless other males around the globe, I myself am circumcised. Yep, they snipped my tip!! Unfortunately though, I do have somewhat of an issue with it. Growing up, I never really understood why it was done to me, and never knew exactly what was done to me. I guess you could say I assumed it was normal, so I never really questioned it. The problem is though, that I grew up, and started noticing other males, hence the problems began. The main reasons people are circumcised today, is because of indoctrinated parental religious beliefs, tradition and cosmetic reasons (some think it looks better). Very very few choose this to be done to themselves. As statistics show, there is absolutely no NEED for the procedure to be done, therefore making it unnecessary. In fact, it actually desensitises the penis, reducing the pleasure of intercourse, and for all those guys out there who really enjoy sex, who in their right mind would want it to be less pleasurable? That I am very interested to know! In some cases however, statistics have shown circumcision MAY be beneficial by helping to reduce the chance of HIV infection. I would argue that a condom is much much much better at HIV prevented than circumcision! Some would argue, with good intentions, it is within the parental rights to 'butcher' their child. I, for obvious reasons, have a pretty serious concern about this, as do many medical practitioners. Don't get me wrong though. For anyone who is circumcised and doesn't have an issue with it, or for anyone who wants to be circumcised, good for you, by all means, go for it!! Personally, (because it is such a personal issue), I believe it should ONLY be allowed to be performed on those mature enough to make the decision for themselves. The reason because of this, is that people such as myself who wish they never were circumcised, cannot turn back the clock and make themselves 'whole' again, and what makes it worse is that they never had a choice in the matter to begin with. I question those who are not circumcised – do you ever sit there wishing your parents DID chop off a part of your penis, and if so, why haven't you done something about it? Funnily enough, I haven't met 1 individual like that yet, in fact most people cringe at the thought of it!! I hope you see my point. Mothers and fathers, I'm all for parental rights, but they too have limitations and should not be abused. Would you allow an artist to tattoo your infant? Would you consider giving them breast implants and/or Botox? I would hope not. Circumcision is exactly the same. It is a cosmetical procedure that unfortunately cannot be undone, and you need to start seeing it for what it truely is. If it is for religious beliefs, fine. But let your child choose for themselves what THEY want done to their own bodies, as you have absolutely no right to take away what is rightfully theirs without their consent.  If it is of such importance for one to have it done to themselves for their religious beliefs, but are scared of it being painful (as it will be), surely it is safe to say you should be willing to make that small sacrifice to stand true to your beliefs. Come on Australia. We need to stop living a 'bronze aged' mentality, and start using our critical thinking abilities a lot, lot more. The purpose of this thread is to show the males side of the genital mutilation dilemma.  (Sep 3, 2013 | post #1)