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Feb 28, 2013

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Australian actor Jason Clarke

Combining the worst of modern action sensibilities with a Disney World recreation of the past [b][url=http://wat chsafehavenonline2]WA TCH SAFE HAVEN ONLINE[/url][/b] The Master is a lengthy and complex film about the rise of a religion, dysfunctional relationships, and the world post WWII. It follows Freddie (Joaquin Phoenix), a jobless war veteran with more than a penchant for alcohol and sex who finds salvation of a sort in “The Cause,” a movement led by a strong-willed man named Dodd (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) who fancies himself “The Master.” We spend a good chunk of the first part of the film mesmerized by Freddie’s wild behavior. He hops from setting to setting, job to job until he finds himself on a grand old steamship, directly in the path of Dodd. It’s Freddie who has the more impressive facial tweaks and gaunt physique, but it’s Hoffman that’s truly fun to watch, whether he’s sitting down to dinner or impressing his ideals and miracle cure on others. The moments between the two men are even more magnetic. [b][url=http://www s/discussion/43007 8/WATCH+MAMA+ONLIN E+]Watch MAMA Online[/url][/b] The journey the two men subsequently take is one of intricate conversations and side narratives and even though it’s lengthy it’s worth a watch. It’s hard to compete with 70 mm film the movie was frequently presented in theaters, but watching the flick on Blu-ray is your second best option. The Blu-ray comes with a DVD and digital copy, which isn’t splashed like an advertisement all over the box, but just know those extras are there. Additionally, the Blu-ray comes with a strange postcard featuring Lancaster Dodd. [b][url=http://wat chthehobbitanunexp ectedjourneyonline]Wat ch The Hobbit Online[/url][/b] If Soderbergh is indeed retiring, this will be his swan song in the movie theaters, and a not entirely inappropriate one-- the crisp digital cinematography, fine performances and air of cynicism about the modern world are perfectly Soderberghian. But it's more of a clean shot down the middle than one of Soderbergh's wild curveballs, like The Informant! or Magic Mike, that make him great. In the end it might be the upcoming HBO film Behind the Candelabra, a Liberace biopic, that is the best way to Soderbergh fans to say goodbye to this iconoclastic, irreplaceable filmmaker. [  (Feb 28, 2013 | post #1)


Audition Tape

An early scene between Gosling and Stone-- who were so fantastic together in Crazy Stupid Love [b][url=http://wat chsnitch2013online]Wa tch Snitch Online[/url][/b] According to Deadline, Johnny Depp is now confirmed to star in Transcendence. There are no official plot details available, but it is rumored that Depp will play a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer. Transcendence will explore ideas of human existence and computer technology as a group of scientists attempt to merge the two. Actors Emily Blunt, Rebecca Hall, and Rooney Mara have been rumored to join the cast. There was some concern that Johnny Depp would not be able to work on Transcendence because of his committments to the Irish mob movie Black Mass (based on the book Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob). It appears Depp will do both projects, but will work on Transcendence first. Screenwriter Jack Paglen wrote Transcendence, which was on the so-called Black List of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood last year. Warner Bros. will distribute the film, and Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas will serve as the film’s executive producers. With Depp now attached to the project, [b][url=http://wat chescapefromplanet m/]Watch Escape from Planet Earth Online[/url][/b] No one seems to want to compete with The Twilight Saga this week, making this week’s home entertainment releases almost as dismal as the stuff at the box office this past weekend. The final installation in the franchise drops on Saturday, making the rest of the week’s releases a barren wasteland of lower budget fodder, including Barbie in the Pink Shoes. If that’s not on your must-have list, I don’t know what is. Seriously though, the one great release to slog through this week is P.T. Anderson’s The Master, available in a Blu-ray combo pack and on DVD. Read on to learn more about the release. [b][url=http://wat chwarmbodies2013on]W atch Warm Bodies Online[/url][/b] In the film’s second act the parents go to visit an alien expert played by J.K. Simmons who proceeds to give them a test to see if they are legitimately experiencing extraterrestrial contact. As he reads off the list of strange events and the parents begin to nod and share worried expressions you begin to realize that this was the same list that the writer/director got his hands on before writing the script and used it to structure the film. But while Dark Skies may live up to “Believer” codes, that doesn’t make it an entertaining time at the cinema. It’s one thing for a movie to have weaknesses. Even the better films released every year have some flaws, or at least a few areas that could use improvement. The problem with Escape From Planet Earth is that it doesn’t have one single strength to counteract any of those weaknesses. Every single facet of the film is at best, slightly below average and at worst, downright terrible. [b][url=http://www /phpbb/viewtopic.p hp?f=25&t=2435 7]Watch Dark Skies Online[/url][/b] The characters are poorly conceived stereotypes that lack depth. The animation is not bad but still below recent standards set by DreamWorks and Pixar. The jokes are mostly obvious, base level gags that will seem too foolish and immature for any child above the age of four that’s ever been described as “advanced” or “accelerated”. The song choices are misguided and occasionally even uncomfortably disconnected from the action. And the plot, well, multiple paragraphs need to be devoted to that lunacy. The basic premise follows two brothers named Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry) and Scorch Supernova (Brendan Fraser). The former is an  (Feb 28, 2013 | post #1)