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Oct 16, 2013

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San Diego, CA

Grocer Jimbo's Opens New Store

I really hope Jimbo's Natural Food Market succeeds in Horton Plaza. It proves another source of healthy food choices downtown. I went to the grand opening today. The store looks very impressive and well stocked. The produce section offers a great variety of tasty looking vegetables and fruit. Like Whole foods, there are several counter they offer freshly prepared food. I had a delicious egg salad sandwich for lunch. It had lettuce, tomato, alfalfa and cilantro. My survey of the store was rather quick because I was on lunch break, but I assume there is access to the parking garage. No to be snobbish, because I come from po working class, the opening day shoppers seemed to be mainly white collar, middle class and up. I often eat lunch on the patio at Ralph's. it was nice to have to not deal with street people going off their meds. With the opening of Tender Greens, Jimbo's and the new Season's 32, healthy eating choices are becoming a reality in Downtown San Diego. www.sandiegorealti  (Oct 16, 2013 | post #1)