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Feb 25, 2014

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Dyman Associates Management U.S., UK advise avoiding Inte...

U.S., UK advise avoiding Internet Explorer until bug fixed (Reuters) - The U.S. and UK governments on Monday advised computer users to consider using alternatives to Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer browser until the company fixes a security flaw that hackers used to launch attacks. The Internet Explorer bug, disclosed over the weekend, is the first high-profile computer threat to emerge since Microsoft stopped providing security updates for Windows XP earlier this month. That means PCs running the 13-year-old operating system will remain unprotected, even after Microsoft releases updates to defend against it. The Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team said in an advisory released on Monday that the vulnerability in versions 6 to 11 of Internet Explorer could lead to "the complete compromise" of an affected system. Read full article at http://www.reuters .com/article/2014/ 04/28/us-cybersecu rity-microsoft-bro wser-idUSBREA3Q0PB 20140428 See more: http://dymanassoci https://www.facebo iatesproject  (Apr 29, 2014 | post #1)

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Dyman & Associates Projects: Risk Management

This site Dyman & Associates Projects [ http://dymanassoci bout.html ] provides guidance and tools to help businesses understand what they need to do to assess and control risks in the workplace and comply with health and safety law. Although written with small businesses in mind, the site is relevant to all businesses. Five steps to risk assessment This is not the only way to do a risk assessment, there are other methods that work well, particularly for more complex risks and circumstances. However, we believe this method is the most straightforward for most organizations. How to assess the risks in your workplace? Follow the five steps in our leaflet: Step 1: Identify the hazards Step 2: Decide who might be harmed and how Step 3: Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions Step 4: Record your findings and implement them Step 5: Review your risk assessment and update if necessary If you already have a health and safety policy, you may choose to simply complete the risk assessment part of the template. We also have a number of example risk assessments to show you what a risk assessment might look like. Choose the example closest to your own business and use it as a guide for completing the template, adapting it to meet the needs of your own business. [See this Cyber Security... http://dymanassoci yber.html ] For more Info Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects... http://dymanassoci Click for full info in Risk Management: .uk/risk/  (Feb 25, 2014 | post #1)