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Oct 1, 2013

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Utica, NY

justin worden

As for Trish check this out. How do u blow someone phone up everyday and the person don't even respond back to u? If that was me I'd give up cuz he don't wanna be with me. Or when he says its over u ask y y y y. Come on yo he don't want UR toothless crack headed self. So he changes his number cuz u harass him and u get thru to him on email. 27 years old and don't even kno how to give up. I'm 22 and I kno wen someone don't want nothin to do with me I would leave him alone. But see I don't have that problem people want me. UR problem is u like to put candle wax in UR tooth.get them things fixed. Next u will be buying crack and instead of smoking it UR gonna put that in UR tooth. Haha that's some scary crap. I wouldn't wanna blow job from u. And all u do is call Justin's girl an std whore well news flash she went to planned parenthood and ain't got nothing. As for whore that's funny she only been with one person in a for the last year. The reason y he broke up wit u cuz UR psyco. U jump out windows and say he pushed you when everyone seen him already down the stairs the same time u jumped. U go around keying his truck and going and fucking his best friend. I would leave u too if that was me. But wait oh no U claim u love him. Haha sweetie u must not kno what love is. U couldn't even make him dinner but u go and get slim Jim's and chips and call it a day. He is happy where he is so leave him alone UR a dead issue...  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #14)

Utica, NY

justin worden

Well apparently the people that want to go around starting problems and talking bad about somebody and posts it on the Internet don't even kno both sides of the story. Justin is a great person that had a messed up life. People do make mistakes but that's how they learn from them. Nobody is perfect. Don't get me started on Jen. How do u lie about UR age and act irresponsible and not use a condom that's UR fault too. U have the kid and u don't even take care of it UR parents did. Its messed up how Justin wants to move on with his life and be apart of his sons life and u don't let him see him and try to claim rape? That's some scumbag crap.. Way to try to ruin someone's life that's cool.! Ok UR young I get that but u weren't that young if u were going around being a whore and opening UR legs though.. Hmm. What a shame.. And u weren't too young if u were always being physical and putting UR hands on Justin cuz he wouldn't hit u back. Most guys would have gave it to ya reguardless if u were female or not. U weren't too young going out drinking all the time at the age of 15 and u would leave UR son home with mommy and daddy. I think u need to grow up. Don't throw stone at a glass house.  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #13)

Utica, NY

justin worden

You know what they say you can take the girl out of the west side but can't take the west side out of the girl Justin was taken advantage of by that scumbag family she targets older men and Justin happened to be one of them . He was 18 and she claimed to be older . That family is scum.yes they live in Frankfort now but there still white trash to press charges almost 5 years later when he went for visits for his son . If you ever went in their house you would probly gag it's so dirty . And the step father is an alcoholic . The mother can't even get out of bed cause she's so messed up on pills . I heard that when the child was 2 he was found outside by the neibor and their dog bit the poor kid in the face and still has scars to this day . He's not a bad person if you know him nor a drug dealer or thug . He had a hard life but that's behind him and for someone to talk about him your no better .if you were to approach him and say theses things to him I doubt the outcome would be good . That family is white trash that lives in Frankfort yes it's a good neibor hood but they are scumbags . And she slept with a correction officer that was 30 when she was 14 , just goes to show who works in our legal system . If it was rape why is he not in jail or registered ? And why did this come about almost 5 years later ? And if he is a child molester why would the court allow him to see his son every weekend?you people don't know the book so don't judge it by its cover .how about you approach him and say these things to him and tell me the outcome.and you will see that he's a good person till you cross him .  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #12)

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