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Oct 3, 2007

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Q & A with LP Trixie


Bene Gesserit


Lincoln Park


Lincoln Park, Chicago

Local Favorites:

I love live music. My favorite places are The Metro, Double Door, The Riviera and I like dancing too. For Dancing I go to SoundBar, CroBar and Buzz.

I Belong To:

Kappa Alpha Theta; Chicago Social Club; Old St. Pats Catholic Girls assoc.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I work in advertising as an Account Rep. This means I travel constantly. I miss the Regs when I cant be on Topix.

I'm Listening To:

John Mayer (such a hottie)

Read This Book:

I am reading the Twilight series lol

Favorite Things:

Fashion, music, parties, boys :)

On My Mind:

Thursday Nights

I Believe In:

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Chicago. I LOVE CHICAGO soooooo much :) !!!