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Apr 2, 2013

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MDMA Crystal, Mortal Kombat/Prada's Shipping Anywhere

well, I've never tried before so if for real an as good as what heard should be, would like to sample with honest intention to buy,if reasonably priced,for quality/quantity. Thanks e mail [email protected]  (Apr 2, 2013 | post #14)

Crystaldrone F33dback

Hey friend, jus joined site, looking about saw ure message, and some right good views, floating into your services happy and satisfied box. Sounds all good. What s it all about then the visitors heading to your carinaval, in it got all the attractions of the chemical factory fair? Soo what kinda ride does it specialise the thrills,frills,beyond what's real, above and what the other funfairs medical teams fairs? Can you spare time to excite,take in your in spotlight sights inticing delights? And if your a addicted white knuckle riding,adrenalin junkie is it a lifetime memory strainer? Can u do a working mans price,for a daily lives overworked underpaid grafter? Thanks for your time and insight.  (Apr 2, 2013 | post #40)

NEW MXE ANALOGUE 2 samples to trusted members UK LEGAL

hey, nice to say hi to you, my names laremar and I've stopped all illegal medication. I've self medicated for many years since being assaulted and had serious injuries to my spine as a result. Would u believe it was gained from our line of civil society and anarchy inbetweeners, lol, the boys in blue... Don't get me wrong there are many prob majority that care, work hard and some honest professional actions by most in often difficult enviromentments. But this animal, knew had broken arm,and dragged me along floor by it, causing re-break and servere nerve an tendon around neck/upper back. I've also low disc degenerate issues, having 2 back ops. Lmfao, worse to come had car crash,ended up in hosp in coma, wid blood leaking in brain, an had op.bcausing frontal lobe damage. I suffer from(frontal lobe brain injury suffers conditions caused by reduced activity in main brain area for)!fatigue,depression,lack of motivation,anxiety,filtering sound and sight overwhelms senses, causing sensory overload. And then u got the spine injurie pain, fuck dude it hard. I used heroin in end after 2-3 years trying doc way,legal meds. And NO it caused me more issues, almost having to plead for med to take pain, and overloads of sound. I've taken every illegal drug going. But now legal, gives me reason to live,energising, but have been ripped of by certain company's, who have not sent right products. If you can help me, with you offer/ suggestion, it would be humbly greeted with respect for you and a gratitude that isn't possible to show. My e-mail is [email protected] I hope your a true message sender. Thank you if your real.  (Apr 2, 2013 | post #12)