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Sep 12, 2012

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Malden, MO

Jessica Olson still cracked out!?!

She'll do ne thing to get what she needs, the first time I ever met her he come up to me and said she would show me her titties for a cigarette, and of course jus like ne guy would say if ya seen one set you wanna see them all and I gave her one jus to see if she would and she jumped in the car and raised her shirt up and said I could take a picture if I wanted to I told her it wasn't worth the memory on my phone  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #8)

Malden, MO

the blonde at caseys

I kno her pretty good she ran around with me an my partner 4 awhile in campbell and she wanted both of us at the same time, and dude ain't lieing bout her knowin how to ride a cock and the head is awesome also, ill tell ya this she's able to ride and get off to catch the load in her mouth while I drive down the road but she also likes to give road head she'll do it as long as u want her to  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #15)

Clarkton, MO

erika stroup

Has ne one had it yet  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #1)

Clarkton, MO

Wife's sister

What u do is sleep with the sister and when u an ur wife is layin in bed and she don't wanna give it up then that's when u tell her that her sister likes gettin tore up by u  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #15)

Clarkton, MO

melissa hall

Yea she does drugs she told me one time if I could get her a line she would do nething for me  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #7)

Dexter, MO

bobbie jo

She's so nasty I wouldn't even let my dog touch her  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #11)

Dexter, MO

april at taco bell

I hit it already also and no she don't kno how to move, I was tryin to teach her but said I was hurtin her and wanted me to stop, that she would finish with a bj  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #6)

Dexter, MO

Misty Rodgers-Newell

Id admit she was a wild one in the sack and the tightest I had from dexter  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #16)

Dexter, MO

Younger girls much older men

That's always been the case in dexter with the young girls under 21 being with older men cuz I have had one tell me that she likes older men bcuz of expierence and to teach her the things she didn't now and she was only 15  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #5)

Campbell, MO

do women smokers turn you on.

Well if they smoke then u kno they are used to puffin and more than likely they kno how to puff things!  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #11)

Campbell, MO


She's been a ho since as far bac as I can remember, cuz when I was in high school she was a couple grades below me and she would always come to place I would be chillin at and it would be like 7 or 8 ppl guys hangin out and jus show her tits off outta nowhere and ask if all of the guys would like to run a train, when it wouldn't happen she would go around to them 1 by 1 and ask if they would like to do anything they wanted with her, and she wouldn't ask for money, drugs or anything anytime she would come over. Tell me that ain't ho!!!!!!!!  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #20)

Campbell, MO

sharon leeks

Yea they do I kno her very well and she ain't nasty at all  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #16)

Campbell, MO

Ashley Calvert??!!!

She is like 18 or 19 think  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #11)

Campbell, MO

where all the cool people go???

None of them are around here any more  (Sep 12, 2012 | post #3)