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Jan 11, 2007

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West Jefferson, NC

Smokey Mt BBQ

i know but my lips are sealed charlie... lol  (Jan 31, 2012 | post #2)

Mountain City, TN

Any news on the murder in Johnson County???

logger it seems as if you know a little too much and if you do you need to contact the authorities. If you know and don't do the right thing you are guilty too. Anyone who knows anything should help the police so the family can have closure and people can take peace of mind in knowing they have been caught.  (Jan 31, 2012 | post #32)

Mountain City, TN

west jefferson news!

New details about evidence from those Grayson County murders that steered investigators towards the arrest of a North Carolina man. Frederick Philip Hammer was arraigned Tuesday morning on three counts of capital murder. He's being held without bond in the New River Valley Jail. Hammer is accused of killing Ron Hudler, his son Fred Hudler, and John Miller, Jr. at a Christmas Tree farm last week. Hammer's arrest warrant revealed a lot of information in this case. In it, investigators referred to specific evidence they believe place him at the crime scene during the murders. According to Hammer's arrest warrant, police searched his North Carolina home and discovered two guns and a scope were missing. Investigators found broken pieces of a scope at the crime scene, as well as casings of the calibers matching the missing guns. Tire impressions from the garage where one of the murders happened matched tires on Hammer's truck. Also in that arrest warrant, eye witnesses place Hammer on his way to the Hudler's home before the murders. They also saw him speeding away from the area after the killings took place. There were also search warrants filed in Wythe County for a camper Hammer kept there. Bob Porter lives nearby along Cripple Creek Road. He knows Hammer and was shocked to hear about the charges against him. Porter saw investigators searching Hammer's camper several times in the past few days. According to search warrants, police were looking for blood, as well as clothing that may have been worn during the murders. Nearly a hundred pieces of evidence were taken from the crime scene at the Hudler home. Those search warrants also said Hammer is a convicted felon with criminal history including charges for robbery, murder, burglary, assault and escape.  (Jan 29, 2008 | post #1)

Mountain City, TN

An arrest has been made..... In the story that rocked We...

Please keep their family's in your thoughts and prayers! This has been hard on all of their family members..... TRAGIC  (Jan 27, 2008 | post #2)

Mountain City, TN

An arrest has been made..... In the story that rocked We...

Authorities have charged Frederick Phillip Hammer with three counts of capital murder in connection with the murders of three men in Grayson County. Hammer was apprehended in Florida this weekend. Other charges against Hammer are pending. Police say he'll be extradited back to Virginia some time later this week. 74-year-old Ron Hudler and his son, Fred, 45, were killed. An employee, John Steven Miller, 25, was also killed. Ron Hudler is from Mouth of Wilson and his son, Fred, is from West Jefferson, North Carolina. John Miller is also from West Jefferson, the headquarters of Hudler Carolina Tree Farms. The three were killed near the Hudler's home Thursday, January 24th. One was shot inside the house, another in the garage, and the third in the driveway. Their bodies were found by another Hudler brother. Police believe Fred Hudler and John Miller had been out working on the farm and came back to the house to find a group of people trying to steal a gun safe from the garage. Family members said it was not uncommon for Ron Hudler to keep a considerable amount of cash inside the safe. Authorities believe Fred Hudler and John Miller confronted the robbers first in the garage and were shot. Ron Hudler was inside the house and may have been coming toward the garage when he was shot. Stay tuned to News 7 at 6 and for the latest on this developing story.  (Jan 27, 2008 | post #1)

Mountain City, TN

So Sad and Tragic!

INDEPENDENCE, Va. (AP) - Three people were shot to death Thursday in Grayson County on property that belongs to a tree farmer who once presented a Fraser fir for the White House Christmas tree, authorities said. Sheriff Richard Vaughan said in a news release that the victims were Ronald Hudler of Mouth of Wilson; his son, Frederick Hudler, of West Jefferson, North Carolina; and John Miller, also of West Jefferson, North Carolina. The fatal shootings occurred shortly before noon off Route 16 near the North Carolina border. Officials are declining to release other details. The elder Hudler owned and operated Hudler Carolina Tree Farms with his three sons, according to the company's Web site. The company has several farms in North Carolina and Grayson County. Hudler was also chairman of the North Carolina Department of Labor's Agricultural Safety and Health Council.  (Jan 27, 2008 | post #1)

Mountain City, TN

In Memory of / R I P

The Hudler's and The Miller's are in my thoughts and Prayers!! What a tragic event!  (Jan 27, 2008 | post #210)

Grayson County, VA

Community Feeling Loss in Triple Murder Investigation

The miller family too I hope! God Bless them all!  (Jan 27, 2008 | post #2)

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger found dead in apartment

God rest his soul. He was a great actor and one of my fav's.  (Jan 23, 2008 | post #874)

Mountain City, TN

do you think your dreams..............

Dreaming of Zac Efron doesn't mean that you are thinking of him. He could be representing someone else? Is he famous? If so, he could be representing someone in your waking life that you have feelings for but, you feel as if it is never going to happen. Maybe because you feel that they are too good for you? I would have to hear the whole dream to make a good analys? Dreams are hard to interpret. f you are serious, then tell more about the dream.  (Jan 23, 2008 | post #27)

Mountain City, TN

In Memory of / R I P

I can't beleive it! RIP  (Jan 23, 2008 | post #206)

Mountain City, TN

Profile Picture

it is cute!  (Jan 20, 2008 | post #6)

Mountain City, TN

do you think your dreams..............

Dreams are very important.... If you can understand them at all. Dream interpretation is complicated. It all has to do with your waking life. You can learn a lot about yourself if you can figure out what your dreams mean. I can figure out a few of mine but, some are just off the wall!  (Jan 10, 2008 | post #18)

Mountain City, TN

Mr. Bob Hinkle

He was a great man!!! I remember the story of the burning bush on the flannel board! GOOD TIMES  (Dec 21, 2007 | post #6)

Mountain City, TN

In Memory of / R I P

Jadey was my cousin. He was a great person and is missed a lot by many  (Oct 2, 2007 | post #142)

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