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Apr 19, 2009

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Rocky Hill, CT

Yildiz strikes again!!!

Here we go. Wethersfield PD protecting one of their favorite people for reasons unknown. A year ago my wife was rear ended by a considerate young man with a license and an insurance policy. It was a minor accident but for whatever reason (and I would be skeptical if I did see the results) she had some neck and back injury. Okay okay_ I get the skepticism but the damage is not the issue for us. Anyway the young man did the right thing and all of that is taken care of. Now for the story. I took my wife to the hospital that day because of her situation in her neck. I have insurance so that was no big deal. But she was in a serious amount of pain. The doc in the hospital gave here a shot of some sort and a scrip for some mussel relaxators. So here I am at CVS filling the scrip while my wife waits in the car. Then BLAMMO! Some half out of her mind bitch slams into my car and takes off. Evading responsibility and drives away. People are in the parking lot screaming at her but she drives off with her side door open and kids hanging out. Who is it? Ms. Yildiz at the wheel. Once again she speeds off claiming her "medical condition" is the problem and that is why she didn't stop. Ah... Here is the thing. The Wethersfield PD covered for here. And her insurance company defends her right to drive_ But it is only a matter of time before she kills someone. Look I don't care what her medical condition is. Alcoholism, drug addition, mental issues. Doesn't matter to me_ Just get the damn lady off the road before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. It bothers me that the WF PD covered for the lady. I think that is irresponsible. But what bothers me more is that she is still out there driving. Enough is enough. Get this gal off the road and stop the insanity.  (Jul 1, 2009 | post #1)

Rocky Hill, CT

New tax assessments in Rocky Hill.

Is there a private attorney out there who would like to get involved with a law suit involving a number of people against the town of Rocky Hill? I am guessing that I am not alone in this issue. I suspect there are many people out there looking at excessive tax bills based on over inflated evaluations. I put up a web site to sign people up for this. Is any one else pissed off enough to do more than bitch about it on a forum? Email me at [email protected] t. I have had enough of being screwed by the good o' boys down at the Rocky Hill town hall.  (Apr 25, 2009 | post #9)

Rocky Hill, CT

New tax assessments in Rocky Hill.

TIME for a TAX revolt!!! Anyone here have the nerve to start something with this bunch of fools at the town hall? Time for a Rocky Hill tea party. Dear Attorney General's office, What can a person do when the town property tax assessment values are nearly twice the reasonable market value? In my town of Rocky Hill, after making two appeals to the town my current assessment is nearly 100K dollars over reasonable market value. I am tempted to simply not pay this amount and hire a private attorney and file a law suit against the town. The issue is that I can't be the only one with this problem. I am told by the town assessor that the average value increased by over 30% since the last assessment while the actual market values have increase less than 10%. The fact is that the town can set the mil rate at whatever they want but when they detach the property values from reality the home owner has no course of appeal. This is a dangerous standard that the town of Rocky Hill is attempting to establish. Something is wrong when houses with actual market value well under 200K are being assessed at 300K or more. Can your office address this issue? Thank you,  (Apr 25, 2009 | post #8)