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Apr 6, 2013

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Explain mom behavior and advise for seducing her on vacation

I m a 23 years old man who loved his beautiful mom. Lately i got home with my parents and rested a bit , for a period of two months during this period I was witness some fact: * My parents were arguing a lot * I had the impression that she was unhappy with my father * Weekend once, I was supposed to join her at the terrace for our cigarette break, and I arrived I looked through the door, "she was lying on the balcony and was moving her ass in all directions like a shaking ass dance 'and it lasted a few seconds then we sit for smoking and she said : women of all age have sexual need and that diabetic people don t feel that need "bye the way my father is diabetic" i didn t know what to saw so just keep quiet. * once in the dentist waiting room she gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek in front of everyone Now I'm back in France and she will come soon to viste paris for two weeks staying with me in a small home Here is a summary of my situation and I eagerly awaiting your opinion on 3 points: In what state of mind is my beautiful and lovely mother and can anyone explain to me the ass shaking situation i had with my mother , adding the fact that she was waiting for me before i saw her shaking her ass ? Is it possible to achieve the unexpected fruit during the two weeks following and what are your advice?  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #1)