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Mar 15, 2012

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Ladysmith, VA

Water we cant afford

With this Corporate Giant it's hard to fight this but if the whole community goes to fight against them on june 19th 2012 hopefully someone can be heard, I think they are robbing people of money and they dont care why because we need water, to live!!! This is something else that we dont need we already have high dues, and alot of problem's in our community now, Go join the fight against aqua water go to the court date mark it on your calender if you have any issue's with this company and how it run's, You will have 3 minutes to say how you feel about high water bills, and keep copy's of all your waterbill's and poing out how many people are in your family and high water bill's are much to high for 2 people in a house hold a water bill should not be 182.00 for one month??? for 2 conservative people who dont use that much water, and telling me to check for a leak is just too too much!!! it's just an excuse for the high water bills they are charging and telling me that the rate they are charging is the correct rates in virginia??? Make A Stand To Stop Aqua Water more effected is the Heritage side of lake land or property owner's!!!!  (Mar 15, 2012 | post #3)