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May 17, 2012

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Healthcare Law

The dangers of medicinal pot

Medical marijuana was passed in Michigan in 2008. It was an overwhelming 75% yeah. I think most voters know that pot is not the big deal some ultra conservatives churchy folks think it is. Personally, I have seen way more damage done by people who are drunk. Violence is the worst by-product from drinking.  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #26)

Healthcare Law

Chantix side effects sufferers - not cheerleaders

I took Chantix in 2010 shortly after I had a partial hysterectomy. Shortly after I started to get numbness and tingling on my right side. It persisted for about a month or so. I just thought it was how I was sleeping on my arm. In 2011, the numbness came back along with tingling and some hot flashes. I thought the flashes were due to my age and it was summer. I had a slowly progressing gimp in my left leg that I blamed on a prior TBI when I was a child. I wasn't as active anymore because I lost my former job, which was very physical. Then in Oct of last year, around Halloween, I literally lost good balance on my right side(the good side). That was when I knew something was wrong with my brain(cause I had been through the brain injury when I was young). I went to the Emergency room and they referred me to a Neurologist who ordered an MRI and blood test, and VOILA! I had MS. I haven't gotten better. People have no idea what a crippling disease this is. I had no clue that Chantix could cause exacerbations and lead to this condition.  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #7421)

Healthcare Law

The dangers of medicinal pot

I am glad that Medical Marijuana is available in my state. I loathe the thought taking toxic opiates for pain management. I am not there yet with pain as I have MS but when it comes, I would rather take a nontoxic option since I am already taking other drugs for my condition. I have smoked dope and really don't care for the 'high' but to each their own. I do know that it really helps with pain and nausea for starters, so as a medicine it is of great need. JMO.  (Oct 2, 2012 | post #10)

Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven Unites After Racial Slur Found

Good thing they are addressing this. Racism in this town extends to the public schools too. Just ask my son.  (May 17, 2012 | post #1)