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Oct 19, 2009

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Why the Honduran Oligarchs Overthrew Manuel Zelaya

Why do you they want to rehash old news? I won't deny that Zelaya was betrayed by his own class. Lets talk the true reason for his ouster was because he got greedy and wanted to stay in power. Not because he is fighting for the poor. Zelaya was on the take and could care less! he has been involved in allowing drugs to pass through Honduras, stealing money from his own people, abuse of power, and being a puppet to Hugo Chavez. Lets get it right man! The Honduran people voted to get rid of Mel. All these people that want to live in African Palm farms are on the take also. They are paid to cause problems by the few resistance members left. Look at what is happening in Egypt, Libya, these people are paying with their lives to have freedom and new dreams that come with freedom. Unlike a bunch of lazy people who dont want to work, squating on private land for a handout and blame everything on the goverment because they dont want to get off their butts and work. I bet if Manuel would of succeeded staying in power these people would still have been evicted and Manuel would have been laughing all the way to the bank to cash in on his new African Palm tree farm :) Luckly there are more decent Hondurans that work hard to make it and have better quality of life.  (Feb 21, 2011 | post #1)

'WikiLeaks expose shows US complicity in Honduran coup'

I agree with you J-boy on the document being based on gossip. I think there where mistakes made on both sides since there is no clear process in the Honduran constitution for naughty Presidentes. Much less no defined impeachment process. I see President Lobo is clearing the way for Zelaya to return to Honduras with out any crime charges. Why would Lobo want a person that is running a active campaign to destablize Honduras. It is know that he is directing the anti goverment protesters from D.R. Is it his way of "keeping friends close; but keeping enemies closer"?  (Dec 7, 2010 | post #3)

'WikiLeaks expose shows US complicity in Honduran coup'

I did not know Hugo Lorens was a expert on Honduran law? He was entitled to report what he thought was going on at the time to his superiors; even though his sources in Honduras could tell him whatever they wanted. Zelaya is going to have a hard time proving anything with this document, not to mention that Wikileaks will not disclose the source of this document. Until the source of the leak is determined to be credible anybody could have typed it up.  (Dec 1, 2010 | post #1)

Meet Honduras' Newest Senator for Life: Roberto Micheletti

Have you read the news lately Michelletti does not run the show anymore.He kept his word. Lobo is the man now. You have a new person to pick on for the next 4 years. I suggest you learn about Honduras a little more so you don't appear as ignorant.  (Jan 28, 2010 | post #9)

Zelaya plans return to Honduras

I'm sure he sacked the Honduran peoples money in a nest-egg in the Caribbean. Maybe on the other hand we get lucky and Hugo wants his money back and makes a withdrawal on Mel's life and problem solved.  (Jan 28, 2010 | post #5)

Honduras' interim president Micheletti to leave post on J...

Yes it was disappointing to see Lobo give in and walk Zelaya. I don't think Mel should have been able to leave. now he will be undermining Honduras from abroad someway or somehow. I would not be surprised at all if he is in Nicaragua with Daniel Ortega sometime in the near future. My Dad called me last nite from Tegus and said that the Honduran government will still be able to have Interpol serve a warrant to pick Mel up and bring him back to Honduras for a trial since he has no real immunity beside political amnesty.  (Jan 28, 2010 | post #16)

Zelaya plans return to Honduras

Summermoon, In this instance Zelaya reminds me of that bully that was "put in his place" and is talking trash on the way out the door to divert his state of humiliation. I feel confident the if he does leave Honduras. He will have to look over his shoulder wherever he goes and bear the humiliation handed to him by his people for the world to witness. A Megalomaniacs worst nightmare. :) That is the best punishment! I say lets get a fund together to send Zelaya his stupid statues of himself wherever he lands as a consolation prize!  (Jan 27, 2010 | post #3)

H. Rights in Honduras Seriously Violated

Oh, on more thought! I am wondering what is going through Chavez's mind with the Colombian president traveling to Honduras to recognize the new goverment of Honduras? I also wonder if he is worried the Venezualan people will follow in Honduras footsteps. any takers?  (Jan 27, 2010 | post #4)

H. Rights in Honduras Seriously Violated

Right on El Gordo! It's nothing but BS. What about all the deaths from rampant crime that spewed over on Zelaya's watch? Zelaya should be tried for human right abuses.  (Jan 27, 2010 | post #3)

Meet Honduras' Newest Senator for Life: Roberto Micheletti

Ok man,I am gonna try to follow what you are saying. You start off by saying you are mad because of the military coup in Honduras and then you do a 180 towards the end of the post and state you would not go there even if they flew you first class? Why does Honduras's struggle bother you? Personally I post because my Father and Mother are Honduran and retired there. Next you post as "Honduras Honest Man" and you are not Honduran and do not care what happens there. WTF are you on this post then? Usually military coup's involve fat Generals smoking cigars with no constitution in place. This did not happen in Honduras. We will never know if Mel intended to change the constitution, However one thing we do know is that Mel never stuck to any accord he signed. The only guy I know that flip-flopped more than him is Obama. He also had a lot of cash sitting around in his office (very suspect) Your perception of Micheletti being a dictator is wrong. He was voted in by the national congress after congress voted to say bye-bye to Mel. The vice president of Honduras quit early so Roberto was next in line according to the Honduran constitution.Here is example: If Obama and Biden where to perish in an accident then Nancy Pelozi would become the interim president until the next election. Yes, Micheletti did not secure his parties nomination 2 times to run for president. So what? It's the wild world of politics! As far as social chaos goes! Mel is the one calling for revolts on board Venezuelan aircraft, across the Nicaraguan/Hondura n border and the Brazilian Embassy over cell phone and radio only to see his followers take off after they realized he did not have the hardworking Honduran peoples money he stole to pay them daily bribes. Finally the reason that Micheletti did not step down as prez of Honduras after the elections is because Lobo (not Lobos) can not assume his post until Jan 27 by law. Just like the US constitution he is classified as President Elect until his inauguration date. I don't know what the country of Honduras did to piss you off but you make me want to go out and adopt a child from Honduras and educate him and have the full satisfaction of knowing he would post much more intelligent posts than you.  (Jan 21, 2010 | post #7)

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