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Dec 18, 2008

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Unemployment center swamped with calls

How can Sharon Moffett-Massey, the UIA call center director, say "our system is working fine."? Ms. Moffett-Massey, your system is not working fine. Swamped is an understatement. I get an "all circuits are busy, try again" type of message sometimes; other times just the recorded message and that nobody is available. I doubt the UIA is able to know how often callers reach the "all circuits are busy" as this is an overload/failure of the phone system in handling calls. More options need to be available. As time ticks away, my bills continue to exist. This is literally a failure in supporting people when they need it most. I wonder if Ms. Moffett-Massey needed to call, was in a dire situation which grew worse by the day, and got that recording or failed connection message; perhaps then she'd comprehend that the system is NOT at all fine, and swamped or not, step up to the plate and do the right thing. Urgency in upping your employment, extend hours now; not in February. Imagine calling 911 and never getting through; and being told that we'll get adequate staff in a few months. Doesn't really help those who need help urgently right now, does it. News 8, if you can help me get through to the UIA, I'd really appreciate it!  (Dec 18, 2008 | post #12)