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Apr 10, 2013

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Climate Change: It's Hot - And Not Just In the Kitchens of Bickering MPs .au/environment/cl imate-change/clima te-change-its-hot- -and-not-just-in-t he-kitchens-of-bic kering-mps-2014010 3-309jl.html ''It doesn't require any great scientific insight to know that if you add heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere then the atmosphere is going to trap more heat, and temperatures are going to go up. That's precisely what we've seen.'' To get a sense of how exceptional 2013 was for heat, a little history comes in handy. Weather enthusiasts could pluck out records of note in 2013, such as the warmest day (40.3 degrees, January 7), and the warmest winter day (29.92 degrees, squeaking in on August 31).  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #8)

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Margaret Thatcher’s Foreign Policy As the tributes flood in for Margaret Thatcher, the epoch-defining former British Prime Minister, one narrative remains cast in bronze. In the U.S., in particular, she’s lionized as the Iron Lady who stood with President Ronald Reagan, stared down the Soviet Union and helped usher in a new era of global liberty. Thatcher was a paragon of the West, a latter-day Churchill, a hardheaded politician who knew her enemies and acted on her beliefs. In a glowing eulogy, President Barack Obama said Thatcher reminded “the world that we are not simply carried along by the currents of history — we can shape them with moral conviction, unyielding courage and iron will.” Source of Story: http://world.time. com/2013/04/08/mar garet-thatchers-fo reign-policy-was-t he-iron-lady-on-th e-wrong-side-of-hi story/  (Apr 10, 2013 | post #1)