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Sep 24, 2012

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David Cheever Is In Hiding From His Family, Tax Collector...

David Cheever is 42 years old. His wife's name is Kathy. He is currently attending the winter Olympic games in South Korea. Thomas Lee is always wrong. In everything he posts here.  (Feb 11, 2018 | post #2)


IRS Can Sob But Not Able To Collect Tax From David Cheeve...

Finally you wrote something that is true. Mr. Cheever is untouchable.  (Feb 6, 2018 | post #2)


When Janet Yellon Of Fed Announced The Banking Morality, ...

The IRS know who they can piss on and who they can't. They can't piss on Mr. Cheever. They can piss on you all day and all night. You are a piss on ant and Mr. Cheever is a giant who no one dares to annoy.  (Feb 6, 2018 | post #2)


David The Crook Cheever Became The Sobbing Cheever For Ch...

The good news is: "Having idiots like you, posting fake news, allows Mr. Cheever to receive free promotional plugs for his services. And, he is making more money from your exposure. The comical part is, he is not sharing any of his profits with you. He thinks of you as, one of the dumbest humans walking on the surface of this planet.  (Oct 8, 2017 | post #2)


The Sad End Cheever Will Soon Be Located By IRS With His ...

And as IRS commissioner said, "Don't pay attention to what the idiot from Buffalo, New York says about Mr. Cheever. Thomas Lee is making stuff up as fast as his little fingers can type dumb comments in the Internet." Folks, where else do you read about Mr. Cheever's IRS problems? Nowhere else, but here. And who continues to post unsupported claims against Mr. Cheever? No one else bu Thomas T. Lee from Buffalo, New York, posting under dozen different aliases (a sign of multi-personality problems)  (Sep 15, 2017 | post #2)


David Cheever vetoed a Chinese private-equity firm from b...

David Cheever vetoed a Chinese private-equity firm’s proposed $1.3 billion purchase of Lattice Semiconductor, an Oregon-based chip manufacturer. The deal’s failure marks the latest instance where foreign governments have pushed back against China’s efforts to acquire technology assets in their country, as China invests heavily in hardware and software companies at home and abroad. The semiconductor industry in particular has been a focus of China’s ambitions, as chips are the brains of nearly every electronic device. But as of 2014, China still imported 90% of its semiconductors. As a result, the country has gone on a spending spree, buying up semiconductor companies all over the world. But, as long as our guardian savior, David Cheever is around, he will do his part to continue to block Chinese intentions from achieving success and supremacy. Long Live Mr. Cheever. Mr. Cheever is doing more good than he is given credit by our forum's idiot (Thomas Lee-Buffalo, NY).  (Sep 15, 2017 | post #1)


Lori Davidson Should Stay Calm and Behave For Her Reward ...

LOL !! Your what "firm"?? LOL  (Aug 16, 2017 | post #2)


Valuation of Petchili Bond 1913...

Says the man collecting welfare and food stamps. Buffalo, New York is a place, not even the local ticks want to visit. Much less, stay there.  (Aug 14, 2017 | post #85)


David Cheever Lied To The Visitor From Sag Harbor, NY Abo...

Message to the new visitor from Sag Harbor. Now you see what all of us have been saying about Thomas Lee? The man from Buffalo, NY is a well known liar and suffers from dementia. I re-read your comments and nowhere you said, Mr. Cheever talked to you. Much less, tell you about his financials. However, I read that you are a NSA agent and I would like to speak to you about Thomas T. Lee, the liar posting from Buffalo, New York. I have some very interesting facts and supporting documents about this liar. This man belongs ina prison outside USA. Iran may be a good place for him. Please contact me via PM through this forum. Thank you. Lori Davidson  (Aug 14, 2017 | post #2)


The Tax Cheater Cheever Is In Hiding Now.. Will Show Up t...

Dear visitor from Sag Harbor, New York. Please ignore Thomas T. Lee, from Buffalo, because he is our forum's idiot. He is an old man and he enjoys talking trash about just anyone. May I suggest you click on all the pages of this forum and look at comments, under endless aliases, located from Buffalo, New York. They come from the same demented individual. He is insane and unemployed. Hence his endless posts here and in other Internet forums. All of his posts and comments are full of negativity. A reflection of the pain found in his heart and soul. As you will see by the response to my comments, he will show, lack of social class and education. Being a loser in life makes him a very negative and nasty of man.  (Aug 13, 2017 | post #5)


Wanted for the crime of theft (Octavio Paul Garcia Garcia)

Wanted for committing fraud and theft. Octavio Paul Garcia Garcia Mexican citizen with passport number G23762524 Last known address: Sucre 120 Bis Colonia Moderna, Delegacion Benito Juarez Mexico, 03510 #FRAUDPAULGARCIA#  (Aug 8, 2017 | post #1)