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May 27, 2007

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The Indianapolis Star

Holiday World wins state tourism poll

My children and I just returned from our first trip to Holiday World - I personally thought it was a great trip. Very reasonable with meal prices, free soft drinks and the customer service was about the best I have ever had any where. And it was clean....we absolutely love the water park.  (Jul 17, 2007 | post #51)

The Indianapolis Star

Church offers aid to accused molester

I cannot fathom any thought that this man would not have done this before. (I don't believe it one bit!) Molesters do not wake up one morning and decide "oh lets go fondle a little child." He has done this to the point he really did not think he would get caught and got "sloppy" in his actions. I understand "forgiveness " as far as the church should "forgive ", but to support him finanically? That is absolutely rediculous. This is why I would be ashamed to admit I went to this church and I would never return. I wonder how many people are outwardly "supporting " the church, but are in fear of asking their children and the young adults in their lives if they have been molested by this [email protected] When the shoe is on your own foot, I will guarantee that you will be singing a different song.  (May 27, 2007 | post #1018)

The Indianapolis Star

Girl Scout donates prize to pediatrics unit at hospital

In a world that tends to be so self centered, it's lovely to see someone give from the heart.  (May 27, 2007 | post #4)

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You can find us in many places doing family oriented things.

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PTSA for Warren Township. I know it's exciting.

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I am either with my children or working.

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I am fair.

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Lord of The Rings Trillogy

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My children, friends, family and my career.

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Life is grand.

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Everyone being treated equal and being responsible for your own actions/reactions.