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Jul 30, 2013

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Seminole, OK

Corrupt City of Seminole Oklahoma Guilty

This was on Fox News. Click link .com/watch?v=mG5I2 u7xSv0&feature  (Oct 1, 2013 | post #1)


City and State Officials are being called out on cover up...

link to news on Fox 25 OKC .com/watch?v=mG5I2 u7xSv0&feature  (Sep 26, 2013 | post #1)

Seminole, OK

Living in Seminole,Ok.

City of Seminole has a corrupt management and its Urban Renewal program seems to have its own people burning down buildings to make way for some private agenda. Its not a good place for anyone to move, much less bring a new business to. Warning to anyone who hears of Seminole Oklahoma: Stay away. Seminole is in the news paper for burning people out of property so its "circle" can take it and give it to their own for nothing. Word is out and people are talking. Look up the article on  (Sep 15, 2013 | post #25)


Something fishy in the town of Seminole

News story on arson, public corruption and urban renewal all in a town trying to be a new tourist attraction. Something fishy going on. article/3866807 Some Seminole residents have suggested that recent fires that devoured old buildings in downtown Seminole may have been, at least partially, the city's doing.  (Sep 8, 2013 | post #1)

Seminole, OK

Seminole fires have residents on edge article/3866807 SEMINOLE — The city of Seminole is going up in flames — one old house and historic building at a time. “It makes a person wonder, but what can you say?” said fire victim Bill Bowman, commenting on troubling fires that have destroyed at least three historic structures and five old houses in or near downtown Seminole within the past three years. -continue story click link  (Jul 30, 2013 | post #1)