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Jul 4, 2008

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I am not here right now!


Where my current job is.


where people complain about me

Local Favorites:

Whatever is not popular.

I Belong To:


When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm somewhere else.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

they'll give you a reason to hate me

I'm Listening To:

NOT what's popular. Rock sux.

Read This Book:

"Mars Project" - von Braun. A tragedy in technical terms, where humanity lacks the vision to implement its future.

Favorite Things:

Dogs. Computers. Things that go BOOOM in the night. Home brew - "Put in enough hops, nobody else ever does!".

On My Mind:

That's for me to know, and you to guess wrong about.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I Believe In:

death and taxes above all. Most other beliefs seem to rooted in self deception and externally imposed dogma.