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Nov 3, 2011

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Valliant, OK

who is the huge cop in valliant

Does anybody know anything about him?  (Jul 23, 2012 | post #1)

Valliant, OK

lindsey howell

Pretty bad when you go on here to try and find out.  (May 26, 2012 | post #2)

Valliant, OK

Firehouse Grill

I hear ya on what ur sayin but yes you are right i have a strong dislike for the casinos. When you were talkin about the other casinos, I just wish you could have worked there for as long as i did and saw what goes on,"that is if u havent already or do work there". I know the language i use is not always the best, but i was raised to hold my tounge in front of a lady, child or any of my elders or peers, but i cant say the same about alot of the employess there. I have worked at the Grant, Stringtown, and Durant sites. Lol i guess i like movein around. But i just wish the cheif would be a fly on the wall and observe some of the things that goes on behind the curtain there. Granted i must say , yes it was a job and ive been thankfull for everyjob ive ever had. That i am very thankful for. All the same time there are alot of factors that will play on a persons, demeanor, faith, attitude, personality, and the relationship with their loved one at home. Yes i fell under the temptation of one the many evils of the place. But i also was smart enuff to git away from the negativity the place put off by itsself. I suppose your right about the beverage girls are just young highschool girls makeing a living but i had never saw anyother highschooler act and present them self the way 90% of thses girls do. I would have been tared and rode out on a rail if i would have had their personality. Yes other business do have their own customer service programs. The countless meetings ive attended when they were implamenting this was everything but genuine and professional. The instructors of the class have all been witnessed yelling, curseing, or downing customers. I understand everyone has a bad day but come on, you act like that then your teachin this the next. But no sir/maam i wouldnt advise anybody go in there and waste the time nor money. The position i was holding there i saw tomany ppl lose their lives and take it out on other ppls wallet or person. Although my opnions are, yes negative, its hard to stay positive about a place where so many ppl have lost so much. Looking forward to hearing back from you God Bless  (Dec 11, 2011 | post #40)

Valliant, OK

Firehouse Grill

Its awesum how the ppl on here that work there are for this place 100%. I didn't work in the firehouse but I did work in a department where we were always in and out of the kitchen, n let me just say gaaaag. The smell of the cookin, trash, and employee BO was enuff to make anyone throw up. Choctaw is very know for their Nasi like customer service. All the ppl who go in the are fooled because y'all don't hear whats said about the ppl who eat and play there. I've never met more foul mouthed ppl than the employees for ovations. The whole customer service thing is just a way to raise the rateing of the facility its self. In other words another way to tske ur money. And if ur wondering YES the machines are set up to hit ONCE in a THOUSAND rolls. Don't put ur trust into something that is assured to let you down. Those ppl aren't in the business of loseing money are they? So to anybody that's wants to have a lovely evening at the casino, here's some tips: #1 only bring enuff money to lose cuz there's no other option. #2 if u don't smoke, u will when u leave. #3 just cuz the game tech, security, waitress, players club, drink girls etc says "GOOD LUCK AND HAVE A NICE TIME" doesn't really mean they actually care if u had an A-mazeing experience.#4 when you go to the restroom just don't think about who was there b4 you, ur better off.#5 Watch out when you sit in the chairs at the slots. You haven't seen how many ppl defficate in them because they just can't stand to give up that machine, even tho they have spend their whole rent, wic, foodstamps, and elec bill money tryin to "hit it big". #6 Don't stare at the drink girls, yea most of them r ok but don't let them think that ur intrested in them. They are worse than a stripper at a strip club.#7 If you find urself hopefully leaveing them watch over your shoulder n walk in groups. That place is worse than south mexico. But hey its just a casino. Hope y'all enjoy ur A-mazing Experience at the choctaw Nation casino and resort.  (Nov 5, 2011 | post #37)