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Feb 2, 2013

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McKeesport, PA

Ward crying to Kaboly

First off all u have the right name SO WRONG! You need to grow up these are kids your talkin about some kids are bad some are good its like that in every school district now days.U really think EF or West Millin doesnt have there share of problems?They are all kids that need guidence not to read the ignorant thing ur saying. You cant make a differnce but can run negative things real cool.This team that Smith is getting is truly a championship team if guided the right way which i think they will be. My son is on that team and he likes coach Smith nothing bad to say about Ward but its more organized. One prob that i had with Ward was he didnt like to practice in the rain. Its FOOTBALL come on now. Before the Bethel Park game they practiced inside that whole week and it showed.I personally know the majority of these kids and there great kids.There coachable and respectful they will act like knuckle heads sometime but there teenagers what do u expect?As far as the grade situation with Ward i really cant comment on how he was with grades but he seemed on top of that but mine was handled at home i didnt need him to do that as i feel all parents should think. No matter the sitiuation of whos coaching them remember its all about the kids no matter the race. Mckeesport sent alot of kids off to college and most were productive.So my last comment is support these kids no matter what sometimes it takes more then the coach it takes a community and keeping GOD first.If those kids look up and see those stands filled with supporters u will get there best. Just imagine looking up in the stands in a playoff game and looking in the stands and see a little crowd? Would u wanna play ur heart for a city that thinks nagative about u because of there coach? Not there fault so support them this season and u will see the result there coach can only do so much the community backing means alot to these kids. Reading negative things and hearing negative all the time would drain anybody.Support the Mckeesport kids no matter the race in all sports not just football.Fairweather fans are the worst. You wouldnt do that to the Steelers! LOGIC.  (Feb 2, 2013 | post #36)