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Sep 10, 2011

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Park Hills, MO


FBD  (Oct 9, 2016 | post #3)

Park Hills, MO

Brittany Lawson

Kyle Cosby? Hahahahah!!!! Looks like 2 Jaba the huts I bet!!!!  (Sep 27, 2016 | post #7)

Park Hills, MO

My ps3 keeps shutting off

Possibly getting hot? Have you tried to clear the dust from it?  (Sep 26, 2016 | post #3)

Cape Girardeau, MO

Toni Welker

Takes a big tough guy to bash a female online.Guess you didn't like the way daddy touched you when you were little huh?  (Sep 22, 2016 | post #4)

Park Hills, MO

kfvs 12

It's the "news" who cares......  (Aug 22, 2016 | post #7)

Park Hills, MO

the salted duck bar & grill

Weird menu and "uppity" crowd atmosphere so I don't waste my time going there. I'm sure it's for some people but not me. Gotta have all types I guess.  (Aug 22, 2016 | post #10)

Festus, MO

oldies music

Nope  (Jul 28, 2016 | post #2)

Park Hills, MO

Steak and shake

Stop going there. You're welcome!  (Jul 24, 2016 | post #4)

Park Hills, MO

Gangs/Clubs etc

Definitely not 1%ers or a legit MC. The real 1% community in the area has taken notice.  (Jul 21, 2016 | post #3)

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