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Apr 28, 2013

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Crown Eco Jakarta Management: Haze Apology

Yudhoyono Clarifies Singapore and Malaysia Haze Apology http://vlademirvan dervent.wordpress. com/2013/07/03/cro wn-eco-jakarta-man agement-yudhoyono- clarifies-singapor e-and-malaysia-haz e-apology-2/ After offering a public apology to Singapore and Malaysia for the haze emanating from forest fires in Riau, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sought to emphasize that he had not felt pressured into issuing the mea culpa. “A sovereign country must not be afraid of any nation,” he said at a press conference in Halim Perdanakusuma airport after arriving from Bali. “Not to Malaysia and neither to Singapore. I had to do it because the smoke context was clear.” Yudhoyono said the government had never compromised the sovereignty and interests of Indonesia, and recalled his handling of diplomatic issues with Malaysia and Singapore over domestic migrant workers and the Ambalat Block as evidence that he had taken a robust line with Indonesia’s neighbors when necessary. “There will never be a compromise when it comes to our sovereignty and our territorial integrity,” the president said. “I will keep on fighting and doing diplomacy to make sure that our workers in Malaysia are given their rights and that there will be no violence toward workers in Malaysia and Singapore.” The president acknowledged that he had been widely criticized on various social media channels for the manner in which the apology was given. Yudhoyono was keen to point out that the country enjoyed a constructive relationship with the Lion City, but that Indonesia would continue to push for Singapore to return assets that were siphoned out of the country in 1998. “I also want [Indonesia] and Singapore to have honest cooperation and make sure there is no illegal trading and Indonesian goods smuggled to Singapore,” he said. “I think this kind of story is strongly attached to Indonesia’s people.” Related Article: http://www.thejaka yudhoyono-clarifie s-singapore-and-ma laysia-haze-apolog y/  (Jul 2, 2013 | post #1)

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Crown Capital News Blog : Indonesian Consumers Power Costs

Business News Jakarta Management | Crown Capital News Blog : Indonesian Consumers Grip Wallets Amid Surge in Power Costs /mfkuma9/ Consumer confidence in Indonesia has declined as the looming rise in electricity costs prompts consumers to delay the purchase of durable goods, a central bank survey has shown. Bank Indonesia’s report, released on Friday, showed that the Consumer Confidence Index, which measures consumers’ sentiment towards economic conditions, slipped to 116.2 points in January from a record-equaling 116.4 in December. The survey was based on interviews with 4,600 households in 18 cities across the nation. A reading of more than 100 points means consumers in general are bullish about the economy. “[Consumer confidence] is being overshadowed by the electricity tariff rise,” the central bank said in a statement accompanying the survey results. Electricity prices are scheduled to rise 15 percent this year, starting with a 4.3 percent increase at the start of the year and further rises every three months. The rise has long been flagged by the government, which is attempting to curb spending on state subsidies for energy consumption. An increase in other energy prices has also been considered. The Bank Indonesia study included several subsidiary measures of consumer sentiment. An index that measures consumers’ likelihood of buying durable goods declined by 7.3 points to 103.6 points. But consumers remained optimistic about Indonesia’s economic conditions for the next six months. An index that measures consumer optimism for job availability rose 2.1 points to 96.2 points, while one measuring perceived difficulty of doing business improved by 2.5 points to 127.3 points in January. A rising interest in entrepreneurship and the easier securing of financing from banks were stated as key reasons for the rising optimism. The survey found that consumers believe inflationary pressures will relax in the next three months. Read Related Articles : /phycod4/ /pggn5qh/  (Jun 19, 2013 | post #1)