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Nov 5, 2009

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Ovid, NY

Ovid man arrested for menacing, reckless endangerment

Oooops,,,regarding the UPDATE above: make that yesterday (Thursday) that the candidate packed up--it's past midnight, I just realized.  (Nov 5, 2009 | post #35)

Ovid, NY

Ovid man arrested for menacing, reckless endangerment

The lynch party has formed in Sheldrake to try to run out of town or otherwise get rid of someone who has done nothing wrong—just wanting to be left alone--even while he has endured years of ongoing harassment, abuses, threats and false/perjured claims. His house has been shot at. His windshield was smashed. His house windows were broken. So he put up some posted signs and later on, when the police would not investigate, he put up a fence. People--including neighbors--then trained telescopes and binoculars into his house and property. Others were told lies by some of the—is there any other word—terrorists. The house next door (as reported on 98.9 FM) was outfitted with a camera system and law enforcement people monitoring it until Doug's arrest. Then they packed up and left. Rumors galore run through the echo-chamber impugning his character, claiming he is crazy, or a drug dealer, or operating a meth lab and who knows what other lies are being spread? I personally know that none of the above is true. Meanwhile, the police apparently haven't been able to find the time to adequately investigate Doug's prior complaints against some of the very people now abusing and accusing him. I've personally (professionally) been to Doug's house perhaps a handful of times in as many years, top to bottom, and saw nothing illegal going on whatsoever. When Doug first told me what he was being subjected to, I was skeptical at first--Doug is a high energy dude, no doubt. Now, years later--it is plain to see he was and is correct. Think I'm kidding? This was (mistakenly) confirmed to me about three years ago by one of the very people who have been impugning Doug's character and are continuing the effort of trying to get rid of him. To think there isn't a vendetta going on is insanity. Recently, the same prominent local businessman-neighb or is reputed to have offered lots of cash for someone willing to lie in an effort to get rid of his neighbor. Now get this--The investigator-now-j ustice-of-the-peac e once personally investigated Zammett--even using binoculars from a property nearby--yet did not excuse himself from hearing the case--instead ruling in favor of the prosecutor--who (deceitfully or ineptly?) arrived in court without any evidence or witnesses. The only way the word 'justice' could be used to describe it, is with the phrase 'antithesis of' in front of it. Strange, innit??? But that's not all. The lynch party wasn't there--not a one of them--who must have been warned in advance that nothing would happen in court that day, and to stay away. And you think the system isn't rigged? The sign Doug put up on his own fence is more truthful than many care to admit, and those railing against it won't be happy until the day the America most of us cherish (and some of us served for) becomes in practice a nation more properly called Amerika--a day I now fear coming at an ever-accelerating pace. Forgetting all else, Zammett’s free speech rights should be protected—otherwis e all of ours are in peril. UPDATE: The recently defeated DA candidate was seen loading stuff out of his "rented" (?) house in Sheldrake today, after having been there about a month more-or-less. It makes me even more suspicious about his so-called residency claims, and what he attested to concerning that issue. I'm guessing that an enterprising investigator might even find some illegalities--if so inclined to look, that is.  (Nov 5, 2009 | post #34)