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Mar 13, 2009

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Yorkers' anti-union attitudes make no sense

I respect the right to speech and say what you want. but if you have never been in a union shut the fuck up. You obviously know nothing but what the "news" says. The "news" is what sets the course. Which way people believe. If you all actually knew anything about the union, then i would understand you talking shit about "us". If it wasn't for the unions corporate people would walk over the working man/women. But for the union here we put up that fight. We say no you can't cut our fucking wages just cause you the owner of a bank don't know how to save money. "who hired that guy". Unions are what help save jobs. Let me explain. I have been at a union plant for 10 years. and they are laying off people. Non-union people. Office People. While the union keeps their jobs. Now hmm.. sounds like a good reason to join a union. They fight to keep our jobs. yes we take pay cuts. yes we get new jobs inside the plant. BUT WE STILL HAVE OUR JOBS. while the non-union's are looking on the outside looking in. Hate the union.. Freedom of choice. But know your argument. and not something off of fox news  (May 23, 2009 | post #8)

Nokomis, IL

Walling Data Helps Illinois School District Convert to av...

avast and grisoft (AVG) are 2 of the best virus protectors around. I am a fan of avast myself. Norton is just getting to expensive. I think if you buy it one time you shouldn't have to buy another one or pay for an update next year around. I mean honestly. you spend over 40 dollars for the program and then every yeat you have to pay an additional 40 dollars just to keep it up to date. forget that.  (May 15, 2009 | post #1)

US News

Woman Claims Father Was the "Zodiac Killer"

There is so much information bout the "zodiac killer" I mean come on they have made a movie about this. So she is probably digging a hole that she don't want to be close to. Because if she is, the kinda of shit she will get. The attention she will get but the families coming down on her, and that one question why wait so long? Why come out now and say this. I think if she didn't say it for so long she should of just taken it to the grave with her. Now you take the chance for the wack jobs to come out and start claiming they did this and that.  (May 1, 2009 | post #9)

Detroit, MI

What Would Happen If GM Went Bankrupt?

If they go or get close to broke you would think fiatt would just finish buying them out. They already own 23% or more. That or ford or dodge pick them up and make money off of them. I can't see how they are doing poorly. I still see people out buying news gm's all the time. I know that the buy rate is down. I don't know. Just my opinion but if they just go down it will be a major hit. I thought they had went broke in the past.  (May 1, 2009 | post #118)


display codes

if you had a new monarch you can use the messenger. If not use ET to access your ECM and you can go directly to the status and pull up the direct codes.i will tell you exactly what it is. You can contact cat. and request the program.  (Apr 29, 2009 | post #2)


Caterpillar lay off workers in 3 states

in decatur, the people that were suppose to get laid-off the 9th of april got laid of the 2nd instead. But the catch here is. They get paid up to the 10th. Makes no sense. But whatever.  (Apr 3, 2009 | post #8)


French workers hold bosses at Caterpillar plant

back then?  (Mar 31, 2009 | post #1)


Cat moving Decatur jobs to Arkansas

and it was said to move down there (start in July 2009) but if you work there you would know that. And be active in 2010, but the building is costing more to get it ready than they can afford.  (Mar 15, 2009 | post #28)

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Why are Jews White?

lulz nice one GHT  (Mar 14, 2009 | post #670)


Cat moving Decatur jobs to Arkansas

Do you work there, do you hear the news? If you as anyone would know that, there is more news on the inside than what you hear to the public. do you think they want to tell the public that their idea once again flopped. Uh no. Do you think they want to tell Arkansas that hey we know you gave us $3 million dollars to keep it up and running but we aren't moving Motor Graders down here anymore. Yeah they aren't going to tell them shit, until it is scraped or something else is in that plant. This is the word of the people from inside (company guys). The plant is not working as well as we thought it was going to. It is costing us more money to get it ready for what we are going to produce and it isn't working. So we are either going to scrap the plant or move wheel tractor scrapers into it instead. There is no final decision but this is what was said. But please know that if you don't work at CAT, you don't hear the whole story. Be on the shop floor. you hear it all.  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #27)


UAW trying to help save The Big Three

Let me try to make this clear. I am not sure what the union it self the international wanted, but all we wanted was to insure that we had our jobs. The workforce didn't care about making more money. We just wanted to know that 3 or 4 years down the road we would still be able to goto work. These people saying the union is bad they want more money has to realize that, that isn't the people on the floors, the people building the product, this is the internation. The guys that run the union.  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #160)

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Why are Jews White?

Hey all just remember that there is a a jewish person that is the king of all media HOWARD STERN :) choke on that one for you haters  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #653)

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President Obama inherited this mess

CAT's stock was at $90 when bush was in office. Towards the end of his term, it was dropping massively, the stock ended up at $22. Now that obama has taken over the stock has went back up to $27. Yeah slow but i takes time for this stimulus bill to take affect. You allk now this shit wasn't going to happen over night. Hell it will probably take to the end of this year and maybe into the beginning of next year. These things take time.  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #68)

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President Obama inherited this mess

Why don't you all hate bush for doing this. You say he didn't but uh yeah he did. He was the one in office when the world was crashing and left everything on obama's plate. lets just look here a war, a failing economy. And you are blaming who? If he can't make it better, then so what, he tried. i dont think our president has been given enough time. He has his term to make a better picture for us all. why not cut the guy some slack. unless the real reason is your racist? He is dealing with the United States of America and a war. What are you doing to help out? Sitting her on forums typing how much you hate the man. Get up and go buy american products. Do your part and help out!  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #10)

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