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Jun 7, 2007


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Howard Stern

Artie Lange leaving The Howard Stern Show?

I think that Artie Lange is still very angry that Howard rejected his "Desperado " song parody that poked fun at Howard. Artie didnt get the memo that Fred Norris is under VERY STRICT ORDERS never to play any bits that poke fun at Howard. everyone else is fair game. there are tons of songs about Artie, Robin, Richard, JD, but ZERO absolutly none about Howard. producer gary "baba Booey" Del'labate has hundreds of songs played on a never ending loop about him , but zero about Howard. i think Artie took a real hard look at the situation and decided it was unfair. this has been building for a while . so when howard decided to bring in a girl that liked fat guys like Artie that was mr langes breaking point.  (Jun 7, 2007 | post #1)