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Jan 23, 2010

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$$$$ We provide EARNEST MONEY to close your R.E. deal $$$$

I know that you guys work with a lot of clients who might need our services, Me and my partners have the ability to bring funds towards your clients down payments so if they need 1%, 2% 3% OR 10% etc. It doesn't matter we can bring it to the table for your client. we can help please read over my example below.....Your client can you their own escrow companies but the transaction should be organized and ready to go, we can have our funds in place in about 7 days , maybe less.... No upfront fees No credit check No property liens We can use "THE CLIENTS" Title , Escrow or Closing attorney they already have in place We will either bring the funds 24hours in advance or we will wire the funds it just depends on our comfort level for each transaction. We just add our names to the HUD-1 and we get paid off the backend of the transaction You have to make sure the client has the room on the backend for our down payment and our fees We use the same files to review as a Transactional funder to decide if we can fund the deal ALSO, this is a marketing tool for now on you can pose to each of your lenders to get all of your files closed because once you present your file to the Lender you can tell them each time they already have 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%,....15% to bring to the table so you never get a file turned down again. Help us ... Help you... This is a Win..Win for everybody. So dig up those old file and bring life back into them and LET'S GET SOME DEALS CLOSED !!!!! ASAP > > We have the ability to do a Joint Venture Partnership with you to do help with your down payment on your purchase. We do not provide the loan for your purchase just the down payment required for your purchase. We will bring the down payment to your Escrow or Title Company where the closing will occur and all you need is the funds in place on the backend for your loan. Your required to have Bank Loan or a Private Lender in place who is providing you the loan. The Property / Boat / Business has to have enough equity or closing cost for us to get our funds plus our cost and fees back at the closing table. Your transaction “HAS TO” require “ATLEAST$ 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) plus or more as a down payment. $100,000K is our minimum down payment we will bring to the table. > > We can also brings funds to the table as a down payment if you are doing a quick flip : > A-B and B-C transaction that means if you are buying the property at a lower price and flipping it to and end buyer at a higher price. > A ( Seller) B (Buyer) and then you would now become the seller in the second part of the transaction so > B ( New Seller ) and C ( End Buyer) at a higher price. > As long as you have enough equity in your deal to return our down payment and our cost and fees , we can bring our funds to closing on your behalf. We would need the following to move forward: 1. Please have these documents filled out and returned 2. We would need the contracts between the seller and the buyer 3. Name of title company, escrow agent or closing attorney 4. We would need our company name added to the Preliminary HUD-1 which is located on our documentation. 5. We receive our funds from the exit financing on the backend so your funds have to be placed in escrow and verified by our attorneys in order for us to bring our funds. 6. Our attorney has to verify the a clear title with the escrow agent so there is no clouds on the title. 7. Once the attorneys review the funding submission package, review the contracts, review the cleared title and verify backend funding we can move within 7 days or less with the funds to escrow. 8. The minimum amount we will bring to the table is approximately 100k and there is no maximum. 9. The transaction has to occur in a 1 day closing except if there is some extenuating circumstances which would be judged on a case by case situation. newvisionindustry AT yahoo DOT com  (Sep 30, 2014 | post #1)