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Oct 24, 2007

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New Roads, LA

Do you wear a seatbelt?

see there are pros and cons to the seatbelt...i am not sayin you should NOT wear it..i am just sayin that the government controls so much that i think that shouldnt be one of them  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #18)

New Roads, LA

why do married men cheat on their wives. . .

You are SOOOO right!! I give you props!  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #16)

New Roads, LA

who are really good decent people in new roads

no that is not a joke. i have nothing but utmost respect for scott. very nice man. always there when i needed him. he actually helped save my life once....  (Jan 29, 2008 | post #76)

New Roads, LA

Best local dive.

i agree on the burger...but luckys chicken is too salty  (Jan 29, 2008 | post #58)


Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than...

hmmm, we managed to get one....i wonder what i can get for it!! bids are open!!! lmao  (Dec 17, 2007 | post #291)

New Roads, LA


been quiet out here! where is everyone at?? i are all out buying me a xmas present....thats what it is!!! i am finally done with all my shopping...and 2500.00 poorer!!  (Dec 17, 2007 | post #1)

New Roads, LA

New Roads Video Grant

i voted too  (Dec 7, 2007 | post #3)

New Roads, LA

sheriff election

yup, they my back bark for me girls...hehehehehhe  (Dec 6, 2007 | post #912)

New Roads, LA

dead beat daddies

u go girl...i swear, you and i attract the losers girl!  (Dec 6, 2007 | post #112)

New Roads, LA

sheriff election

she married to me...lmao  (Dec 6, 2007 | post #909)

New Roads, LA

sheriff election

what a perv!!  (Dec 5, 2007 | post #900)

New Roads, LA

Randys World

damn...almost too cold for that itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini!  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #146)

US News

National debt grows $1 million a minute

not all people getting those benefits really qualify. i think they should end the war....simply because i dont think anyone knows why we are even still fighting. war is supposed to be a defence...not an offence. we are not on the defense anymore. granted...after sept. 11.....we needed to retaliate...howeve r...the tables have turned and we are the bullies. another thing that would save some money....we spend all that money to bomb their a$$e$$...then spend millions more to help them rebuild...hmmmm, am i only one sees a prob with that?? how much could we save that way?  (Dec 4, 2007 | post #57)

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